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Ethics and Religion Talk: Interfaith Marriage

Submitted 12-11-2023 under OPINION

What are your panelists' positions on interfaith marriage? Have they followed the lives of any of the couples enough to evaluate success or failure? Do they encourage people to marry within the fold?


Ethics and Religion Talk: To Whom Does the Social Safety Net Belong - State or Religion?

Submitted 12-04-2023 under OPINION

There is a philosophy that encourages the dismantling of government programs to aid those suffering with poverty, addiction, etc. They feel that this should be the responsibility of the faith community. Does your religion allow for a formal governmental response to the social safety net?


Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Stages Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Submitted 11-27-2023 under OPINION

Three decades after the movie's release, Disney's Beauty and the Beast retains much of its charm.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Navigating New Realities of Marriage and Family

Submitted 11-27-2023 under OPINION

This current generation has somewhat upended traditions on marriage and family. How is your faith navigating these currents?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is Your Daily Practice of Thanksgiving?

Submitted 11-20-2023 under OPINION

How do you make Thanksgiving into a daily practice in your spiritual life?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Waiting for a Messiah Mean Abdicating Personal Responsibility?

Submitted 11-13-2023 under OPINION

One of my issues with religion is that it seems all the faiths are waiting for someone.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Have You Seen an Increase in the Quality of Interfaith Engagement?

Submitted 11-06-2023 under OPINION

What are your observations of interfaith engagement over the last couple of decades? Has progress been made, or is everyone just regurgitating the same platitudes from years past?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are Ghosts Real?

Submitted 10-30-2023 under OPINION

What does your religion say about the possibility of ghosts?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How to Change a Lightbulb

Submitted 10-23-2023 under OPINION

After being in the ministry for as long as you've been, do you really believe that people can change?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Can Race be an Ethical Criteria for Advancement?

Submitted 10-16-2023 under OPINION

It may no longer be legal in college admissions, but is it ethical to use criteria of race to correct inequities caused by prior generations of racism?