The Rapidian


Still Scary After All These Years: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Broadway Grand Rapids

Submitted 03-12-2020 under OPINION

Cody Garcia shines as the candy man in the national tour.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Understand and Practice Evangelism?

Submitted 03-09-2020 under OPINION

Faith asks, “What are some forms of 'witnessing' or 'evangelism' to spread belief?”


Together We Are Safe questions AmplifyGR's commitment to true community ownership

Submitted 03-04-2020 under OPINION

We at Together We Are Safe think that the Boston Square neighborhood and the greater city is likely not being served by the current plans of AmplifyGR. We think that real community planning and community land trusts take more people, more planning, more conversation, and true community control.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is God?

Submitted 03-02-2020 under OPINION

Vaughn asks, “What is God? He/She/It?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Medical Intervention Subvert God's Will?

Submitted 02-24-2020 under OPINION

If God decides when we die, should we reject extraordinary measures to prolong our lives (ventilators, feeding tubes, etc.)?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Does Conversion Work?

Submitted 02-18-2020 under OPINION

Genevieve asks, “Is conversion accepted, or is it like a once you are a member of the religion, you are forever, practicing or not?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Can You Define Interfaith Dialogue?, part 2

Submitted 02-10-2020 under OPINION

What does it look like to engage in multi- or interfaith dialogue?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why Weren't We Created Perfect?

Submitted 02-03-2020 under OPINION

If God created us, why didn't he make us as we are today in the first place? Or did He make us perfect and we have piled sin upon sin by not stoning to death people we disagree with?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Advice Do People Ask You For?

Submitted 01-27-2020 under OPINION

As a religious leader, what is the most common problem people seek advice for?


A Streetcar Named Desire Is Still Sharp Enough To Cut Bone

Submitted 01-21-2020 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre's production of A Streetcar Named Desire proves that, nearly seventy years after its premiere, the play has lost none of its relevance or ability to shock.