The Rapidian


Ethics and Religion Talk - What is the Meaning of My Soul, part 1

Submitted 11-09-2020 under OPINION

Vaughn asks, “What is the meaning given to your soul in life?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do non-Catholics and non-Christians have Sacraments?

Submitted 11-02-2020 under OPINION

Margaret asks, “Are sacraments universal? Do others outside of Christianity offer them?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: How do you Respond to Racism?

Submitted 10-26-2020 under OPINION

Ruby asks, “In your work and association with those in your congregation, do you experience any racist comments or actions? If so, how do you judiciously deal with such people?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: When does Journalism become 'Evil Speech?'

Submitted 10-19-2020 under OPINION

In Judaism, lashon hara, gossip (literally, evil speech), is roughly defined as any speech, true or false, which damages somebody’s reputation. How do we respond when journalists publish stories which cross this line?


Ethics and Religion Talk - Dietary Restrictions

Submitted 10-12-2020 under OPINION

Traci asks, “Could you discuss any dietary restrictions your religions may have including alcohol?”


McKay Tower and The Blue Bridge Are Lighting Up this Week. Why?

Submitted 10-07-2020 under OPINION

Throughout the year, our local landmarks light up in different colors for different reasons. In the second week of October, two of downtown Grand Rapids’ icons will light up in green, pink, and teal for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Old is the World?

Submitted 10-05-2020 under OPINION

Laura asks,“What does your religion say about creation? This would include your estimate on the age of the earth. Do you believe that your beliefs conflict with science?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Converting Hate Against LGBTQ into Love

Submitted 09-29-2020 under OPINION

So, my question is: In this era of increasing fear and hatred, in addition to prayer and moral support, what role can I play in converting hate into love? What actions are suggested?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the Holy Spirit?

Submitted 09-21-2020 under OPINION

Laura asks the Christians on the panel to define the Holy Spirit as best they can, and asks others, “ is there any concept that you have which at least somewhat parallels this expression of the Godhead?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Who am I?

Submitted 09-14-2020 under OPINION

Sandra asks, “Am I who I say I am, who others say I am, or am I who God says I am?”