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Ethics and Religion Talk: How Can a Pastor Have the Time to be a Good Preacher?

Submitted 01-06-2020 under OPINION

"... in light of this ‘new’ way of working in a knowledge field, which the ministry of the Word most definitely is, why does the modern multi-tasking pastorate seem engineered to discourage diligence, concentration, excellence, and spiritual depth?


Happy New Year from The Rapidian

Submitted 01-03-2020 under OPINION

Community support essential to make 2020 a success


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to Do if There is an Allegation of Abuse in the Congregation?

Submitted 01-02-2020 under OPINION

RL asks, “How should leaders respond to allegations of abuse in the church?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Preventing Abuse in our Religious Institutions

Submitted 12-27-2019 under OPINION

Rev. Ray asks, “It would be well to have a column on ‘trauma prevention.’ What steps should be taken to prevent abuse in a religious institution?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do I Keep Focused?

Submitted 12-16-2019 under OPINION

The constant ping of messages that keep us plugged into work chatter might be doing more harm than good…. But how do we find the time to shut off distractions and do our best work?


The Nutcracker remains an entrancing tradition

Submitted 12-16-2019 under OPINION

As always, the company brought spectacle and artistry, delivering on what has become The Nutcracker's promise: to entrance not only those audience members who are seeing a ballet for the first time, but also more experienced members who may have taken in dozens of shows.


Buzzed Bard Put The "Beer" Back In "Shakesbeer"

Submitted 12-13-2019 under OPINION

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare brought humor and madness to The Comedy Project.


Ethics and Religion Talk: When Your Dreams Conflict with your Principles.

Submitted 12-09-2019 under OPINION

Are my dreams and goals to be pursued even if it means sacrificing some of my principles?


Ethics and Religion Talk - Is Sexual Fantasy the same as Adultery?, part 2

Submitted 12-02-2019 under OPINION

My wife is quite overweight. I do love her. To participate in conjugal union, I have to visualize women other than her. However, I do this to be a good husband. Can’t a guy get a break for making the effort to please his wife?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does God Listen to Prayer?, part 2

Submitted 11-25-2019 under OPINION

Is God really able to hear my prayers and does he really care?