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Community Updates: Friday, September 22

Submitted 09-22-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Museum announces several upcoming cultural events; Government Finance Officers Association awards City of Grand Rapids "Excellence in Financial Reporting Award"; and more


In Funny Girl, Katerina McCrimmon Blazes

Submitted 09-21-2023 under OPINION

The first national tour of Funny Girl brings staggering talent to Grand Rapids.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Time-Tracking Software Ethical?

Submitted 09-18-2023 under OPINION

Is it ethical for an employer to install time-tracker software on an employee’s home computer (which they also use for work) and use the information to ensure that workers aren't slacking off during work time while working from home?


Community Updates: Friday, September 15

Submitted 09-15-2023 under NEWS

SAFE Task Force, City of Grand Rapids to host Pitch and Highlight Night in October; Kent County Board of Commissioners looking for qualified residents to appoint to various committees, commissions and boards; and more


Filmmaker Spotlight: Peaches Wilczak (Open Projector Night)

Submitted 09-14-2023 under NONPROFITS

Peaches Wilczak talks about process and inspiration behind their film 'Gnosis' that won the audience vote at Open Projector Night.


Sweeney Todd Cuts As Sharply As Ever

Submitted 09-13-2023 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Circle Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd is a dark triumph.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Does Your Tradition Respond to Cancel Culture?

Submitted 09-11-2023 under OPINION

What does your panel think about the issue of cancel culture?


City Connection: GR Fire Chief Brad Brown to Join WYCE Station Manager Phil Tower in the GRTV Studio

Submitted 09-08-2023 under NONPROFITS

Watch live on GRTV's Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning at 4:00pm on Monday, September 11


Community Updates: Friday, September 8

Submitted 09-08-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Museum announces new upcoming exhibition; Jeremiah Gracia to step down as Economic Development Director for the City of Grand Rapids; and more


Local Artist Highlight: An Introduction to The August Connection at 325 Division Avenue South

Submitted 09-05-2023 under NONPROFITS

Exploring Fashion as an Art Form: Avenue for the Arts visits with an owner of The August Connection on the inspiration and creation of new vintage shop in the Heartside District on Division Avenue South. Interview by Pamela MacDougal.