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Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Judges be Involved in Local or National Politics?

Submitted 05-30-2023 under OPINION

Should judges be involved in local or national politics?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should the Audubon Society Change its Name?

Submitted 05-22-2023 under OPINION

Is it ethically wrong for the Audubon organization to keep their name?


Ethics and Religion Talk

Submitted 05-15-2023 under OPINION

Many companies wish to go in the direction of ESG (Environment Social Governance). Many politicians are attempting to punish those corporations that see this as an opportunity to contribute to the public good. Is it ethical to stop people from such an effort?


Hadestown Sings It Again

Submitted 05-10-2023 under OPINION

Retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is wonderfully atmospheric.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Theology Need Philosophy and Psychology?

Submitted 05-08-2023 under OPINION

"Dino" asks, "How can practical theology be practiced without psychology and philosophy?"


Ethics and Religion Talk: The Difference Between Welcoming and Inclusive

Submitted 05-01-2023 under OPINION

Many spiritual communities have signs in front of their places of worship proclaiming that 'All Are Welcome,' but is that really true? If gay couples can't receive communion there, if women can't be ordained there, and if transgender people can't serve there, then are ALL people really welcome there


Ethics and Religion Talk: Beware of Entering Debates on Religion!

Submitted 04-24-2023 under OPINION

Do the panelists have any ground rules for entering into a religious argument or debate?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is the Death Penalty Ethical?

Submitted 04-17-2023 under OPINION

Can you imagine any circumstances which would justify imposing a death penalty? What standard of proof or evidentiary requirements would you require in order to consider a death penalty to be an ethical and fair punishment?


My Fair Lady, Lightly Updated, Graces The Stage

Submitted 04-13-2023 under OPINION

A new production of the classic musical retains all the charm of the original while granting Eliza Doolittle more dignity than she's ever had.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Dress Codes Discriminate Against Women?

Submitted 04-10-2023 under OPINION

How would your tradition speak to the question of differing dress standards for men and women?