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My Fair Lady, Lightly Updated, Graces The Stage

Submitted 04-13-2023 under OPINION

A new production of the classic musical retains all the charm of the original while granting Eliza Doolittle more dignity than she's ever had.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Dress Codes Discriminate Against Women?

Submitted 04-10-2023 under OPINION

How would your tradition speak to the question of differing dress standards for men and women?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Help People Who Have a Pattern of Making Poor Decisions?

Submitted 04-03-2023 under OPINION

How much are you obligated to help someone who is continually in a bind because of poor decisions and bad judgment, when you have already tried to point out that they could avoid this problem in the future if they made different decisions?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Where do Sermons Come From?

Submitted 03-27-2023 under OPINION

Where do your ideas for sermons come from?


STOMP Brings Imagination and Noise to DeVos Performance Hall

Submitted 03-21-2023 under OPINION

STOMP proves creative, energetic, and overlong.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is a Legitimate Religious Practice?

Submitted 03-21-2023 under OPINION

Does the idea that human beings are created in the image of God gives us the divine ability to create and destroy the world around us?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Secular Law be Based on Religious Law?

Submitted 03-13-2023 under OPINION

Reader Jason A-O asks: Is it ethical to pass laws in the U.S. that are based on a particular religion's rules/dogma? For example: laws that forbid the sale of alcohol on Sundays or laws that prohibit abortion under all circumstances or permit it under very limited circumstances.


Ethics and Religion: Is Less Religion Better?

Submitted 03-07-2023 under OPINION

Is it possible that less “religion” in the U.S. could result in a better society? If no, and assuming the trend continues, then how do you think society will be different?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Study of Scripture an Obligation in Your Tradition?

Submitted 02-27-2023 under OPINION

Is study of sacred text a religious obligation? If so, why? If it is to deepen your faith, why are there so many Bible stories about people abusing and deceiving others and God? If it is to deepen your practice, what's the point of studying a passage referring to things we no longer do?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is it Good to be the Official Religion of a Country?, part 2

Submitted 02-20-2023 under OPINION

I’m curious if each of you enjoys living in a pluralistic nation, as opposed to somewhere that has not only a majority of your co-religionists, but also favors your faith above others.