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Ethics and Religion Talk: What Do People Misbelieve about your Religion?

Submitted 03-01-2024 under OPINION

Please offer 3-5 examples of what you surmise many people outside of your faith might believe about you that are either entirely wrong or often taken out of context.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do You Visit Other Houses of Worship?

Submitted 02-20-2024 under OPINION

Are clergy in your religion allowed to go to the houses of worship of other religions? To be clear, I mean during an actual service of some kind? If so, would you be allowed then to participate on any level, or simply observe?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Non-Catholics Have Sacraments?

Submitted 02-12-2024 under OPINION

In Catholicism, we take marriage as a sacrament. Why don't Protestants hold the same view? Especially since weddings are performed by clergy, and they are done in a church. And how about the other religions? Are there ceremonies that you'd call sacraments? If so, is marriage one of them?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Feel About Those Who Leave Your Religious Community?

Submitted 02-05-2024 under OPINION

I have heard from several sources that the penalty for leaving Islam is death.... If this is not true, where does this idea come from? And for others, is there any penalty (physical or spiritual) for leaving your faith?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do You Need a Degree to Be Clergy?

Submitted 01-23-2024 under OPINION

For the Christians on the panel, I'm curious what degrees you needed to serve in your position. For non-Christians, what sort of ecclesial training is required for your ordination. Are there seminaries? Graduate work?


Clyde's dramatizes the hopes and struggles of post-prison life

Submitted 01-21-2024 under OPINION

Clyde's, a play by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Lynn Nottage, dramatizes the realities of post-prison life with humor, empathy and style.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How have your religious beliefs changed over time?

Submitted 01-16-2024 under OPINION

Putting aside your religion’s/denomination’s “company line“ for a moment, how have your personal religious beliefs changed over the years, if any. If they haven’t, do you think that is a good or bad thing?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Should Religious Practice Look Like at Home?

Submitted 01-08-2024 under OPINION

What does your religion say about practicing at home on days not spent in a congregation? Are there solid guidelines, or do families just decide for themselves what works?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Foster Parents and Religious Beliefs

Submitted 01-02-2024 under OPINION

Should potential foster parents be turned away because of their religious beliefs?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do You Need a Personal Relationship with God?

Submitted 12-28-2023 under OPINION

How important is a personal relationship with God in your tradition?