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Ethics and Religion Talk: Help! I Didn't Know About the Potluck!

Submitted 10-21-2019 under OPINION

Saul asks, “There was a potluck today and I brought a lunch because I didn't know about it. Somebody asked me why I didn't grab any food and and I explained what I just described. Is it rude to eat food at a potluck when you haven't brought anything to share?”


Firebird Soars

Submitted 10-19-2019 under OPINION

Firebird offers broad view of ballet as art form and demonstrates the strengths of Grand Rapids Ballet.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How to Handle Difficult Political Conversations

Submitted 10-16-2019 under OPINION

Jason N. asks, “How can I talk to others about climate change, money in politics, women's health, etc., from a faith perspective to people with faith, but a different political perspective?”


Fiddler On The Roof Premiere Was Lively, Powerful

Submitted 10-10-2019 under OPINION

Broadway Grand Rapids brought Fiddler On The Roof to Devos Place. The mostly excellent production demonstrated why the musical remains relevant.


Ethics and Religion Talk: The Death Penalty

Submitted 10-07-2019 under OPINION

Ethics and Religion Talk, Ethics, Religion, Death Penalty


Ethics and Religion Talk: Money and Politics

Submitted 10-02-2019 under OPINION

Roy E. asks, “What are the moral/ethical implications of money in politics?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Leaving a Group or Working for Change?

Submitted 09-25-2019 under OPINION

Where do you draw the line between helping to improve or change a group you are a part of, and leaving the group?


Ethics and Religion Talk - Elder Sex Before Marriage

Submitted 09-16-2019 under OPINION

Kimberly asks, Is it wrong for two late-50 year old adults who are divorced to have sex before getting married?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the Secret of Happiness

Submitted 09-09-2019 under OPINION

“Sandy” asks, What is the secret of happiness?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should We be Abolitionists Today?

Submitted 09-03-2019 under OPINION

Amy C. asks, Are people of faith called to be modern day abolitionists today?