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Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Sex Work be Criminalized?

Submitted 03-14-2022 under OPINION

Shouldn't a woman (or a man) be allowed to use her body any way she wants, and if she generates income, so much the better?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Important is Ethnicity in Casting?

Submitted 03-07-2022 under OPINION

When a role that is specifically written for a queer Latinx performer, is it unethical to cast someone else, even if they could be just as convincing to take that role?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Must You be Morally Pure to Dispense Sacraments?

Submitted 02-28-2022 under OPINION

Can there be Evil men - and women - who do and teach the works of God?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should an Unvaccinated Person with COVID-19 Receive a Lung Transplant?

Submitted 02-22-2022 under OPINION

When somebody who could have received a vaccination but refused, contracts such severe COVID that they need a lung transplant, should they be allowed to take a lung away from somebody who has been doing the best they can to take care of themselves, including receiving a vaccination?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Address Suffering?

Submitted 02-14-2022 under OPINION

"What does your faith do to address your members' suffering?”


Hamilton Still Thrills

Submitted 02-11-2022 under OPINION

Hamilton, which has returned to Broadway Grand Rapids after two years, continues to astound.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should racist comments by teenagers affect their adult lives?

Submitted 02-07-2022 under OPINION

Kyle Kashuv was rejected from Harvard due to racist comments made as a 16 year old and in spite of an apology he has made. Question: How many of us would survive into adulthood were we made responsible for errors committed in our teens? Should we be held responsible for everything we did as teens?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should a Court Override Religious Beliefs?

Submitted 01-31-2022 under OPINION

Should religious principles be overridden by a court if they will lead to the death of a child?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is It Ethical to Erase Memories Using Electroconvulsive Therapy?

Submitted 01-24-2022 under OPINION

How would your tradition respond to the question, should we be tampering with our memories?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should an Employee be Fired for Religious Beliefs?

Submitted 01-18-2022 under OPINION

Is is OK to fire a Muslim limo driver for not helping to carry a package containing wine? Is it OK to fire a Jewish cook for refusing to cook pork?