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Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Grand Rapids Symphony Open Summer Concert Series

Submitted 07-20-2021 under OPINION

After a year's absence, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park's Summer Concert Series returned, with a lively, energetic performance.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is special about a Place of Worship?, part 1

Submitted 07-19-2021 under OPINION

Dahyabhai is curious about the places where a community worships. “What is the importance of a special house of worship? Is a house of worship mandatory? What are rules and requirements for someone to be allowed to enter a place of worship in your religion?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Farewell, Grand Rapids Press!

Submitted 07-12-2021 under OPINION

The first week of August will be the 10th anniversary of this column. Sadly, this week is the final appearance of Ethics and Religion Talk in the Grand Rapids Press.


Ethics and Religion Talk: May Same Sex Couples Adopt Children?

Submitted 07-06-2021 under OPINION

Allison D asks, “What are your thoughts on same sex marriage as well as allowing same sex couples to adopt?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Does Religion Say About Respecting the American Flag?

Submitted 06-23-2021 under OPINION

“Many American flags are being flown on people's homes yet there are rules about respectfully flying our nation's flag. Is it okay to fly the flag and ignore the rules? For example, a flag needs to be lit at night or it must come down. What about wearing the flag as clothing?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: More Senior Intimacy Questions

Submitted 06-21-2021 under OPINION

Joe K.'s question: “I am 81 and dating a female who is 80. We have been dating for over two years. A year ago, we stopped having sex. We love each other dearly and want to be able to satisfy our sexual desire. If we have sex without intercourse, are we still in sin?”


Refugees are a blessing, not a burden

Submitted 06-18-2021 under OPINION

Refugees bring blessings to Grand Rapids


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Purchasing Insurance Show a Lack of Faith?

Submitted 06-14-2021 under OPINION

Ray asks, “Should Christians purchase insurance on life, home, or health, or commit himself, his loved ones, and his worldly goods, entirely to the providence of God?"


Ethics and Religion Talk: Whose Truth is Truth?

Submitted 06-07-2021 under OPINION

Here’s a second set of responses to the Reverend Nikkel’s essay on Truth (first printed the first week in May).


Dear GRPS - It's Time For A Big Change

Submitted 06-03-2021 under OPINION

This week’s news about no mask requirement for unvaccinated students in the fall is the latest example of chaotic, inequitable, and deeply insulated decision-making. It’s time for a parent advisory subcommittee to bring real accountability to our children’s education system.