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Passing the Mic: West Grand Neighborhood Organization answers, "Beyond 2040, where do we see neighborhood associations?"

Submitted 09-28-2020 under VOICES

Annette Vandenberg from West Grand Neighborhood Organization responds to East Hills Council of Neighbors' Maggi Rivera.


Passing the Mic: East Hills Council of Neighbors answers, "What are you finding people saying about Black Lives Matter and reallocation or defunding of police?"

Submitted 09-20-2020 under VOICES

Maggi Rivera from East Hills Council of Neighbors responds to Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association's Fran Dalton.


Passing the Mic: Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association answers, "What are you most proud about in your neighborhood right now?"

Submitted 09-11-2020 under VOICES

Fran Dalton from Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association responds to Community Media Center's Brett Townsend.


Immigrant tells the story of their journey with a poem

Submitted 04-24-2018 under VOICES

An immigrant tells of their reason for coming to the U.S. from Guatemala: I stood witness to death: of my dear relative, they write.


Local business owner urges Grand Rapids to stay on lookout for tax scams

Submitted 04-11-2018 under VOICES

I graduated from GVSU last spring and started my own business. This is how my small business was nearly scammed by an IRS impersonator.


Meet Civic Investor Tami VandenBerg: Passionate advocate for access to housing

Submitted 04-14-2017 under VOICES

Tami VandenBerg, co-owner of the Meanwhile and Pyramid Scheme and part-time director of Well House, said The Rapidian is another great outlet to get people talking about the issues.


Meet Civic Investor Jenn Schaub: Working to engage all community members at the Avenue

Submitted 04-13-2017 under VOICES

Avenue for the Arts has written dozens of stories for The Rapidian since 2009. Coordinator Jenn Schaub said the platform opens up a dialogue.


Meet Civic Investor Nick Manes: The Rapidian 'was my journalism school'

Submitted 04-11-2017 under VOICES

Nick Manes gained valuable experience reporting and writing for The Rapidian before moving on to a position at MiBiz.


Meet Civic Investor Paola Mendivil: Champion of Grand Rapids, Latina community

Submitted 04-10-2017 under VOICES

Paola Mendivil is part of a local family business, an advocate for Latina women in the community and a champion of diversity. Learn more about her in this Civic Investor profile during our Spring Fund Drive.


Meet Civic Investor Breannah Alexander: Advocate of racial equity, racial justice, storytelling

Submitted 04-10-2017 under VOICES

Breannah Alexander is Director of Strategic Programs at Partners for a Racism-Free Community. She has written dozens of pieces and supports a platform that allows all residents to tell their own stories.