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Meet Civic Investor Breannah Alexander: Advocate of racial equity, racial justice, storytelling

Submitted 04-10-2017 under VOICES

Breannah Alexander is Director of Strategic Programs at Partners for a Racism-Free Community. She has written dozens of pieces and supports a platform that allows all residents to tell their own stories.


Stories of hope: Getting to know our neighbors in 2016

Submitted 12-20-2016 under VOICES

This coming year, we remain committed to providing opportunities to build bridges of understanding and cooperation across our community, and we aim to be a beacon of hope in an otherwise discouraging climate of division.


Artist monk survives ArtPrize dating game

Submitted 08-29-2016 under VOICES

Jamie Treadwell gives a behind the scenes story of how a newly arrived local artist figured out the ArtPrize connection process for artists and venues.


Community journalism is a way to let your voice be heard

Submitted 08-19-2016 under VOICES

Thank you to all who attended our Intro to Community Journalism at Wealthy Theatre. We'll host our Community Journalism Workshop on August 29 at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.


Top five reasons to join The Rapidian's Intro to Community Journalism session on August 18

Submitted 08-05-2016 under VOICES

Want a reason to join the conversation and community gathering at Wealthy Theatre on August 18? We'll give you five.


Working mother of three shares her running journey, inspires family

Submitted 05-12-2016 under VOICES

In anticipation of the Fifth Third River Run this Saturday, May 14, Iracema Garcia shares why she began running and now runs with her family and in races on a regular basis.


Local soccer player trains in neighborhood park, Kent Trails for chance at pros

Submitted 04-05-2016 under VOICES

Ernesto Pulido trains in Clemente Park in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood and runs on Kent Trails to prepare for tryouts in his parents' home country, Mexico.


The Rapidian to highlight #ThePeopleofGrandRapids in photo series

Submitted 10-20-2015 under VOICES

My local photo series called #ThePeopleOfGrandRapids will be shared with our community here on The Rapidian. In the series I set out intending to bring perspective, wisdom and insight from those I don't know.


How We Grow: The inertia of the lone call to action

Submitted 09-10-2015 under VOICES

These are important times. Lines are being drawn, and history will not allow any of us to escape its penchant for creating heroes and goats in times of crisis – even those of us in fast growing Grand Rapids.


Food Swap builds connections over food

Submitted 09-08-2015 under VOICES

The GRap Food Swappers have reunited to resurrect their food exchange event, and seeks to build community among local food fans in Grand Rapids.