The Rapidian


Pride, GR: A Queer-ies

Submitted 06-28-2015 under VOICES

Reflecting on identity and self in Grand Rapids during a historic time in our history.


Living Authentically

Submitted 06-28-2015 under VOICES

Chronicles of my journey coming to live an authentic life and my coming out process.


Empowering community voices through celebrated difference

Submitted 04-01-2015 under VOICES

As the Rapidian's new Community Engagement Specialist, I'd like to share my Grand Rapids roots and hopes for my work with The Rapidian.


Breastfeeding rights under scrutiny

Submitted 03-25-2015 under VOICES

As a nursing mother I was denied my right to nurse my child as needed. Despite Michigan's “Breastfeeding Antidiscrimination Act," I was directed to nurse only in a small study space. Grand Rapids Public Library needs to take steps to create a a safe, welcoming breastfeeding environment.


My health journey: On running and having your s**t together

Submitted 03-11-2015 under VOICES

Running has always made me feel strong, mentally and physically. It’s always given me space to take, to occupy, when I felt like I was disappearing.


My health journey: Motivating myself for family, community around me

Submitted 03-06-2015 under VOICES

When I went on a mission to start a new trend where healthy eating and living would be a priority, I brought that mission not only to myself but to my children, my grandmother and my community.


Growing up at historical Houseman Field

Submitted 12-22-2014 under VOICES

Growing up in Grand Rapids has created many lasting memories of places that are still standing today, such as Houseman Field. Important on a personal level, this place also has positively affected many generations before and after me.


Downtown day camp provides kids opportunity to shape our city

Submitted 11-05-2014 under VOICES

A new urban-focused day camp offers children an opportunity to learn about downtown Grand Rapids and provide input into its growth and development.


My experience of ArtPrize: watching audiences connect with dance in different ways

Submitted 10-02-2014 under VOICES

The most significant interactions with "respirador (breather)" I witness come from two completely different groups: children, and retirees (65+ years old.) These two groups of people connect with the work in very different, but equally important ways.


Treading water: living life with depression

Submitted 07-31-2014 under VOICES

The Fish Ladder has become a symbol for me of my family's struggle with depression. Depression can affect people differently, and the ways we fight against it vary as well- just like the fish fighting to get up the Fish Ladder.