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Creating the city we live in: why I spoke up at a recent City Commission meeting

Submitted 06-02-2014 under VOICES

I attended my first Commission Meeting two weeks ago, joining others who were either voicing concerns or supporting the proposed ordinance to control where people who beg can panhandle in our city.


Discovering a city thriving with nature

Submitted 05-07-2014 under VOICES

One of the reasons I love living in Grand Rapids is because I can get the best of both worlds. If I want to get a little break from the city, I can easily go on a hike somewhere close. If I want to go on a bike ride, I can ride the Fred Meijer M-6 or Kent Trails, all within 10 miles from downtown.


Challenge Scholars: creating opportunity

Submitted 05-05-2014 under VOICES

Grand Rapids Community Foundation's newest education endeavor is making post secondary education possible for students of Grand Rapids Public Schools.


Meet civic investor Steffanie Rosalez: Investing in the arts

Submitted 04-21-2014 under VOICES

Civic investor Steffanie Rosalez shares how after-school programming in the arts helps shape our community's youth.


Meet civic investor Ben Oliver: Investing in voice

Submitted 04-18-2014 under VOICES

Ben Oliver shares his passion for education and for students as the Community Foundation's Challenge Scholars Advisor.


Meet civic investor Roberta King: Investing in passion

Submitted 04-16-2014 under VOICES

Rapidian citizen reporter and civic investor, Roberta King, shares her involvement with The Rapidian and her investment in the Grand Rapids community.


Changes in motion: how running transformed me

Submitted 04-09-2014 under VOICES

When I began my training for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, I expected to change physically. I never expected it to change who I am.


Strength in numbers: Local runner shares her journey

Submitted 03-17-2014 under VOICES

May it be the number of miles or number of friends, local runner Stephanie Freriks Doublestein shares her journey of strength in running.


You've been served

Submitted 02-07-2014 under VOICES

Training with the Priority Health Run Camp has been just the inspiration I needed to face the impossible: 26.2 miles and turning 40.


Running away from fear: the internal struggle

Submitted 01-27-2014 under VOICES

Transforming one's body from couch potato to athlete is no easy feat. Especially when negative self-talk and emotional demons get in the way.