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The Things People Say

A comic of actual snippets from real conversations I have had with real people.

“Pride, GR” is a personal essay series set to coincide with the 46th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a series of trans women of color-led violent protests and actions that sparked the gay rights movement in the United States in Greenwich Village in1969. This series will feature unique voices and perspectives from members of the LGBT community in Grand Rapids and their experiences with their identity and exisiting in this city. You can read all the articles under the tag "Pride, GR".

"The Things People Say" is a comic of actual snippets from real conversations I have had with real people. Out of the countless interactions I have had, I picked only a handful to demonstrate some of the ignorant questions and statements that are directed at queer minorities.

I am hoping this comic helps people to realize their comments, stories, questions, even when posed with good intentions, are most often inappropriate and unsolicited. Please educate yourself through appropriately designated avenues. All minorities experience these inconsiderate, ignorant, unwanted, hateful, and or inappropriate intrusions differently. This comic demonstrates this through one queer person’s perspective and it should be understood that since the queer community is such a diverse community we do not all experience oppression in the same way. MINORITIES DO NOT EXIST TO EDUCATE YOU!

It should also be noted that my comic comes with a trigger warning for pedophilia. A trigger warning is something that comes at the start of a piece to warn/alert the readers/viewers of potentially distressing content to come.


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