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Running away from fear: the internal struggle

Submitted 01-27-2014 under VOICES

Transforming one's body from couch potato to athlete is no easy feat. Especially when negative self-talk and emotional demons get in the way.


What I learned attending GRPD Citizen Police Academy 2013

Submitted 12-18-2013 under VOICES

I spent 10 weeks exploring the GRPD with officers. They let us ride in their cruisers, play with explosives, and attacked us with their canine unit. I gained a deeper understanding of the Grand Rapids community by mingling with both officers and citizens.


Losing time: amnesia survivor tells her story

Submitted 12-11-2013 under VOICES

Megan Brown shares what it's like to have amnesia. She knows: when she was 16, she lost almost three years of her life after a seizure.


Our Infertility Story: Struggling to find support in the #1 city to raise a family

Submitted 11-14-2013 under VOICES

Recently diagnosed with infertility, we have been frustrated by the lack of support available in Grand Rapids. We are reaching out to Grand Rapidians to share our story, create a support group and locate a support group meeting space.


In my father's footsteps

Submitted 11-11-2013 under VOICES

A trip to Germany brings my father's history to life.


Local journalism instructor reflects on The Rapidian's role in his development

Submitted 10-31-2013 under VOICES

Calvin College English professor reflects on how The Rapidian has benefited him and his students in their journalistic development


For the least of us

Submitted 10-23-2013 under VOICES

In August of 2012, my wife and I found ourselves unable to pay for basic necessities. As a result, we discovered how local food pantries play a role in the lives of the needy.


Marie Catrib: A Chef's Memoriam

Submitted 06-07-2013 under VOICES

Marie Catrib made so much more for our community than good food.


Join me: Becoming a Rapidian reporter as a new resident and new writer

Submitted 05-15-2013 under VOICES

The Rapidian is truly Grand Rapids' news source. It belongs entirely to the people living in this city.


Join me: How I got into journalism

Submitted 05-15-2013 under VOICES

The Rapidian has helped me become a professional reporter.