The Rapidian


Coworkers take icy plunge into raising funds for Special Olympics

Submitted 02-25-2013 under VOICES

Two coworkers team up to participate in the Polar Plunge benefitting Special Olympics.


Educating children about invasive species

Submitted 02-20-2013 under VOICES

Two high school students from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science share their experiences while teaching first graders about invasive species.


The ones in the middle: our experience as citizen journalists

Submitted 10-29-2012 under VOICES

As a fire blazed in a home just doors down, Rapidian citizen journalists captured firefighter's efforts. This is citizen journalism. And I am proud.


A walk on the quiet side: Revisiting Blandford Nature Center

Submitted 09-18-2012 under VOICES

Experiencing Blandford Nature Center after visiting 20 years ago and exploring the discoveries of today.


Taking the 10X10 challenge only made sense

Submitted 08-30-2012 under VOICES

I discuss the reasons why taking the 10X10 challenge was a win/win for me.


Hello 10x10 Challenge, goodbye Ramen noodles

Submitted 08-28-2012 under VOICES

As part of the 10x10 Eat Local Challenge, I give up Ramen noodles and search for cheap locally sourced food options.


My selfish reasons for taking the Eat Local Challenge

Submitted 08-23-2012 under VOICES

How I plan to use the Eat Local Challenge to save money while supporting the local economy and community.


Why I'm taking the Eat Local Challenge

Submitted 08-15-2012 under VOICES

For me, eating local is not just a trendy thing to do -- it's the right thing to do. Here's why.


So this is Grand Rapids: Summertime

Submitted 06-15-2012 under VOICES

Join me as I explore the newness of Grand Rapids’ summer.


Diversity: embracing one's own and respecting others

Submitted 04-17-2012 under VOICES

My hope is that one day, this world will live love and respect one another, to do and act as we were put here on this earth for. To do God’s will and goodwill to all mankind.