The Rapidian


I'm not making this up

Submitted 04-05-2013 under VOICES

Growing up and growing more confident without cosmetics.


BARE showcases a cappella music to benefit Cook Arts Center

Submitted 04-04-2013 under VOICES

Musicians and spectators came together this past Saturday for a night of simple music.


Finding Home premieres with music from Valentiger

Submitted 03-29-2013 under VOICES

I reflect on a decade of original music set to film at the red carpet screening of the Michigan-made, Finding Home.


Coworkers take icy plunge into raising funds for Special Olympics

Submitted 02-25-2013 under VOICES

Two coworkers team up to participate in the Polar Plunge benefitting Special Olympics.


Educating children about invasive species

Submitted 02-20-2013 under VOICES

Two high school students from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science share their experiences while teaching first graders about invasive species.


The ones in the middle: our experience as citizen journalists

Submitted 10-29-2012 under VOICES

As a fire blazed in a home just doors down, Rapidian citizen journalists captured firefighter's efforts. This is citizen journalism. And I am proud.


A walk on the quiet side: Revisiting Blandford Nature Center

Submitted 09-18-2012 under VOICES

Experiencing Blandford Nature Center after visiting 20 years ago and exploring the discoveries of today.


Taking the 10X10 challenge only made sense

Submitted 08-30-2012 under VOICES

I discuss the reasons why taking the 10X10 challenge was a win/win for me.


Hello 10x10 Challenge, goodbye Ramen noodles

Submitted 08-28-2012 under VOICES

As part of the 10x10 Eat Local Challenge, I give up Ramen noodles and search for cheap locally sourced food options.


My selfish reasons for taking the Eat Local Challenge

Submitted 08-23-2012 under VOICES

How I plan to use the Eat Local Challenge to save money while supporting the local economy and community.