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Guiding Light Welcomes Kyle Hinton to Board of Directors

Submitted 01-04-2021 under NONPROFITS

Guiding Light welcomes Kyle Hinton, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to its board of directors.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why Do So Many People Seem Unhappy?

Submitted 12-28-2020 under OPINION

Why do so many people seem so unhappy much of the time?


Guiding Light Receives $20,000 Grant from SpartanNash Foundation

Submitted 12-28-2020 under NONPROFITS

For the third consecutive year, Guiding Light has received a $20,000 grant from the SpartanNash Foundation, which has provided a total of $70,000 to the nonprofit since 2016.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why Do So Many People Need to Believe in Hell?

Submitted 12-21-2020 under OPINION

Linda asks, “Why do humans feel a need to confirm hell exists?”


Putting the Pieces Back Together: Derek Achieves a Year of Sobriety

Submitted 12-15-2020 under NONPROFITS

Through Guiding Light's programming, 27-year-old Derek recently achieved a milestone in his journey in sobriety.


Ethics and Religion Talk - Misperceptions

Submitted 12-14-2020 under OPINION

Becky wonders, “Are there misperceptions about your religion that you find yourself constantly attempting to explain to others?”


Ethics and Religion Talk - Defund Police

Submitted 12-07-2020 under OPINION

Rachel asks, “How does the call to defund the police intersect with your faith tradition?”


Passing the Mic: Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association answers, "How are you preserving your neighborhood's unique history and stories?"

Submitted 11-30-2020 under VOICES

Mallory Patterson from Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association responds to Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association's Sam Brower.


Ethics and Religion Talk - Father's Responsibility

Submitted 11-30-2020 under OPINION

Janet asks, “I see many faith-based groups focus on restricting abortions and addressing the women in the cases of unwanted pregnancies. But I see none of these groups addressing the problem of men not taking responsibility ..."


Ethics and Religion Talk - Exposé on Adultery

Submitted 11-23-2020 under OPINION

From Harry, in Sydney, Australia: “A good friend who is also a talented and award winning journalist has, in an article, exposed the extra marital affairs of a politician. ... What are the moral ramifications of such an exposé?”