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Ethics and Religion Talk: This Thanksgiving, What are You Grateful For?

Submitted 11-22-2021 under OPINION

The Ethics and Religion Talk panel wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, and responds to the questions, “What are you most thankful for this year?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are Monkey-Human Hybrid Embryos Kosher?

Submitted 11-17-2021 under OPINION

Colleen writes: “For the first time, U.S. and Chinese scientists have created embryos that are part human, part monkey, in an effort to find new ways to produce organs for transplants. As a faith leader what are the ethical concerns based on your religious tradition?”


God is the Way Out: Guiding Light Board Chair Connects Recovery Success with Spirituality

Submitted 11-17-2021 under NONPROFITS

Ed Postma first noticed there was something different about Guiding Light when he saw a young man struggling with addiction begin to ask questions about spirituality and to talk about God.


Until We Eat Equally Well: An Interview with Teresa Hendricks from Migrant Legal Aid

Submitted 11-11-2021 under NONPROFITS

The Kent County Food Policy Council interviews Teresa Hendricks from Migrant Legal Aid on harvesting food and migrant farmworkers


Life at Guiding Light Recovery

Submitted 11-10-2021 under NONPROFITS

Ever wonder what rehab is like? Guiding Light Recovery is a professional, holistic, and "no-joke" substance abuse treatment program provided to men at no financial cost. The only price is their willingness, open-mindedness, and sincere desire to change.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Tolerance Demand Moral Relativism?

Submitted 11-08-2021 under OPINION

Sandra asks, “In an age when everything is relative and tolerance is becoming a demand, isn't it true that our own sense of right and wrong is being slaughtered and our true self is being manipulated?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Who Needs Doctors When You have God?, part 2

Submitted 11-01-2021 under OPINION

Last week, Ethics and Religion Talk responded to a question from John challenging our response to a question on prayer and healing. This week, we share three more responses to John.


"It's Either This or Death:" After Two Decades of Addiction, Jason Attributes Life-Saving Results to Guiding Light

Submitted 10-29-2021 under NONPROFITS

Jason has been caught in the vicious cycle of alcoholism, homelessness, and instability for years. At Guiding Light he found the long-term solutions he needed to get sober and to become financially, physically, and spiritually secure again.


Opera Grand Rapids Stages Don Giovanni

Submitted 10-27-2021 under OPINION

Despite its themes of lechery, betrayal, and damnation, Opera Grand Rapids' production of Don Giovanni proves light and funny.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Who Needs Doctors When You have God?, part 1

Submitted 10-25-2021 under OPINION

Several months ago, Ethics and Religion Talk responded to a question on prayer and healing. One of our readers, John, responded to that column with his own thoughts on the efficacy of medicine, inviting our panel to respond. He wrote: