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Calling all Mamavists!

Submitted 09-28-2018 under OPINION

We have neither adequate political representation at the local, state and national levels nor enough collective wealth to directly influence the political process. What we do have is enough sense to know a lot of policy prevents Michigan families from obtaining basic resources and opportunities.


Kent County Domestic Violence Community Coordinated Response Team honors domestic homicide victims

Submitted 09-28-2018 under NONPROFITS

Candlelight Vigil to be held Monday to honor victims of domestic violence homicide.


Backlash to Cosecha disruption at ArtPrize showcases problem with typical 'West Michigan nice'

Submitted 09-25-2018 under NONPROFITS

"#EndTheContract but not like that" is the response we receive when we interrupt ArtPrize and County Commission meetings. Grand Rapids, we need to talk about movement building, institutional power, and the racism in 'civil conversation.'


Ethics and Religion Talk: How does your tradition react to suicide?

Submitted 09-24-2018 under OPINION

Does your tradition condemn a person who died by his or her own hand (committed suicide) in any way, such as burial in a separate section of the cemetery, burial without all of the normal funeral rites, or by refusing to conduct a funeral service at all? Why or why not?


Grand Rapids Symphony bids farewell to Rich DeVos to open 2018-19 season

Submitted 09-18-2018 under OPINION

Music Director Marcelo Lehninger welcomed violinist Karen Gomyo for the opening concerts of the Grand Rapids Symphony's 2018-19 season on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 14-15


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do with frozen embryos after divorce?

Submitted 09-17-2018 under OPINION

A new Arizona law would give frozen embryos to either spouse who wants to use them, even after a divorce. Is it ethical to force someone to become a parent against his or her will?


Many adoptees have deep pain from trauma of being separated from their first families

Submitted 09-11-2018 under NONPROFITS

Adoptees Connect ~ Grand Rapids is part of a national movement with chapters across the country and beyond. This is an oasis for all adult adoptees to come and share their version of adoption. Kyleigh Vander Well-Pierre writes about her journey here.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Genetic editing

Submitted 09-10-2018 under OPINION

A recent BBC article suggested that modifying human DNA by editing human embryos ought to be permitted by UK law. What does the Ethics and Religion Talk Panel think?


Bridge Street Market, the new market for everyone

Submitted 09-04-2018 under OPINION

It's with great excitement to announce that the Bridge Street Market held its grand opening on Wednesday, August 29 in the Westside. The wait has been long for residents who witnessed the land remain abandoned after the Moctezuma store closed its doors.


​Bridge Street Market, nuevo mercado para todos en la calle Bridge

Submitted 09-04-2018 under OPINION

Es con mucha emoción anunciar que el Bridge Street Market celebró su gran apertura el pasado miércoles 29 de agosto en el Oeste de Grand Rapids. Fue larga la espera para residentes quienes fueron testigos del terreno que se mantuvo abandonado después de que la tienda Moctezuma cerrara sus puertas.