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Ethics and Religion Talk: May a Consenting Married Couple Engage in "Swinging?"

Submitted 12-31-2018 under OPINION

how do I reconcile that my wife and I will not be sexually satisfied unless we experience the swinging lifestyle, and how can being sexually active with other human beings be so wrong, if we both agree that we allow it in our marriage?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Self-Driving Cars be Programmed to Make Moral Decisions?

Submitted 12-27-2018 under OPINION

Should self-driving cars be programmed with a moral decision-making capability? For example, to avoid a head on collision should the car swerve into the crosswalk, possibly killing pedestrians? Who's life is more important – the passengers or the pedestrians?


GVSU student shares story of mental health to raise awareness

Submitted 12-19-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

What happens when a lifetime’s worth of tragedy is forced into that of a 22-year-old?


Does the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association contract promote police officer misconduct?

Submitted 12-18-2018 under OPINION

Let’s end this cycle of false concessions and make real changes that matter so that we may affirmatively further police/community relations in Grand Rapids.


Late discovery adoptee finds her true self by opening up to past, making connections for future

Submitted 12-18-2018 under NONPROFITS

Adoptees Connect ~ Grand Rapids is part of a national movement with chapters across the country and beyond. This is an oasis for all adult adoptees to come and share their version of adoption. Jillian Blair writes about her journey here.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does clergy child abuse cover-up affect clergy moral authority? Part 2

Submitted 12-17-2018 under OPINION a member of the clergy what do you think of your profession weighing in on ethical issues [when it seems unable to police itself]?


Should teenagers be able to vote?

Submitted 12-12-2018 under OPINION

What are the opinions of teens on politics? What age should our youth have a voice in politics? Students from Kent Innovation High School discuss the issue.


Happy Cat Cafe encourages visitors to socialize with cats up for adoption

Submitted 12-11-2018 under OPINION

The Happy Cat Cafe is a place where anyone is able to eat with and be around cats. Customers can pet the cats and also have the option of adopting one.


Driverless cars are coming to downtown Grand Rapids in March 2019

Submitted 12-11-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

How will it affect our city? There are many different positions on this topic and a lot of different variables to consider.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does the clergy child abuse cover-up affect clergy moral authority?

Submitted 12-10-2018 under OPINION

In recent months we have seen reports from Philadelphia of wide spread clergy sexual abuse of children followed by wide spread cover-up also committed by clergy. As a member of the clergy what do you think of your profession weighing in on ethical issues when it seems unable to police itself?