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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Time-Tracking Software Ethical?

Submitted 09-18-2023 under OPINION

Is it ethical for an employer to install time-tracker software on an employee’s home computer (which they also use for work) and use the information to ensure that workers aren't slacking off during work time while working from home?


Sweeney Todd Cuts As Sharply As Ever

Submitted 09-13-2023 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Circle Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd is a dark triumph.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Does Your Tradition Respond to Cancel Culture?

Submitted 09-11-2023 under OPINION

What does your panel think about the issue of cancel culture?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are Religious Communities Too Exclusive?

Submitted 08-28-2023 under OPINION

How can any critically thinking person believe that God just happened to reveal himself to a particular population at a certain time, leaving others out?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are We Really Free to Make Choices or is God in Total Control?

Submitted 08-21-2023 under OPINION

Are we creatures of choice or are controlled by a God who chooses who will go to heaven and who will go to hell?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is God Really in Control?

Submitted 08-14-2023 under OPINION

If God is truly in control, why are there so many ungodly things happening?


Starting Over

Submitted 08-11-2023 under OPINION

A number of losses alters priorities, creating a need for a life change and the beginning of a new chapter


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Evil Souls Suffer Eternally or Do They Simply Cease to Exist?

Submitted 08-07-2023 under OPINION

All my life I've heard of the standard Heaven/Hell paradigm as far as afterlife doctrines go. But as of late I keep hearing of theologies that indicate a soul, if not going to heaven, will simply cease to exist. Please comment if your religion has such an understanding.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are There Unforgivable Sins?

Submitted 07-31-2023 under OPINION

The Bible says that all sin can be forgiven but the sin against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. Which sin is that? For traditions that do not believe in the Holy Spirit, are there sins which are unforgivable?


First Aid Kit Makes Grand Rapids Debut At Meijer Gardens

Submitted 07-25-2023 under OPINION

The band, led by Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, played a set that began with high energy and ended in transcendence.