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Ethics and Religion Talk: How Does Your Tradition Use Scripture for Preaching, part 1

Submitted 01-30-2023 under OPINION

Do you have a cycle of scriptural readings? Do you base sermons on passages from the cycle, or do you choose the scriptural readings based on the lessons you have decided to teach in your sermon?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are Food Choices an Ethical Issue For You?

Submitted 01-23-2023 under OPINION

Whole Foods recently announced that they would no longer sell Maine Lobster. How do you define "ethical eating?" Do you consider sustainability and care for the environment, treatment of animals, treatment of humans in the supply chain? Are there things you will not eat for ethical reasons?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do I Have to Return That Annoying Person's Call?

Submitted 01-17-2023 under OPINION

Somebody calls you. You don't want to call them back because they have a history of being abusive, asking annoying questions, or keeping you on the phone too long. How do you handle it?


SIX: The Musical Brings The Tudors To The TikTok Era

Submitted 01-13-2023 under OPINION

Short, poppy musical brings a lot of pleasure and a surprising amount of depth.


January 9, 2023 - Ethics and Religion Talk: If My Faith is Right, Does Yours Have to be Wrong?

Submitted 01-09-2023 under OPINION

It is generally understood by people that each religion claims that all other faiths are “wrong,” and thus displeasing to God. Yet it seems that there are “loopholes” that still allow those who believe otherwise some form of salvation.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does God Care About Rituals?

Submitted 01-02-2023 under OPINION

Some religious traditions have practices, rituals or sacraments that have to be done in a very specific way. Does God really care? Why?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Can a $135 Pair of Sneakers End Bullying?

Submitted 12-26-2022 under OPINION

I was disturbed by a report about a teen buying a friend a pair of $135 sneakers because he was bullied for wearing old, dirty, shoes. It's lovely that he wanted to address his friend's bullying problem. But is buying him a $135 pair of shoes a bandaid or a solution?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Whoops! I Gave My Vegan Friend Ham!

Submitted 12-19-2022 under OPINION

Last week, I was hanging in the park smoking cannabis and having a picnic, eating a salad. A friend came by, also smoking, and reached over and started eating my salad. ... Do I have an obligation to tell my friend that the salad he ate had ham in it?


Ethics and Religion Talk - Pregnant and Brain Dead

Submitted 12-12-2022 under OPINION

In 2014, a Texas law required a pregnant woman to be kept on life support until the fetus is viable (24-26 weeks). Should a pregnant, brain-dead, women be kept on life support against her explicitly stated desire?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Doctors and Death

Submitted 12-05-2022 under OPINION

Should surgeons, cancer doctors or other high-risk medical specialists be tested and evaluated on how well they deliver bad news? How important is it that they be equipped with the skills to help their patients plan for death?