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Ethics and Religion Talk: Impotent Weddings and Platonic Marriages (Part 2)

Submitted 10-24-2022 under OPINION

This week’s column is a continuation of the examination of two fascinating questions prompted by the following story sent to us, touching on issues of marrying when one partner is impotent, or alternatively, living together without the benefit of marriage. Here’s the story:


Ethics and Religion Talk: Impotent Weddings and Platonic Marriages

Submitted 10-17-2022 under OPINION

Ethics and Religion Talk received a question touching on issues of impotence and living together without the benefit of marriage. Here’s the story:


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Your Clergy Study Philosophy?

Submitted 10-12-2022 under OPINION

Jim VanDB asks, “Does your tradition require any philosophy training as a pre-requisite for your religious training/education? If yes, do you think it was helpful or not? If no, why not?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Belief in an Afterlife Waning?

Submitted 10-03-2022 under OPINION

It seems today that there is less concern about that and more emphasis on leading a moral, ethical and rewarding life now, just assuming that whatever is next will take care of itself, so to speak.


Ethics and Religion Talk: My Boyfriend's Ex Has Herpes!

Submitted 09-27-2022 under OPINION

Anonymous asks, “My boyfriend's ex has genital herpes (I know this because my boyfriend caught it from her). A friend of mine just became friends with her on Facebook and knowing a bit about her history, I'm afraid that she may want to sleep with him. Should I tell him about the herpes?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do I Convert to Your Faith?

Submitted 09-19-2022 under OPINION

If you were approached by someone who was considering conversion to your faith what steps would you encourage them to take? Can conversion take place “on the spot,” or is it somewhat of a process? And what might be required of an individual?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Do Clergy Do on Retreats?

Submitted 09-12-2022 under OPINION

Question: Do any of the panel members take retreats that are designed specifically for clergy? If so, could you explain what would go on over the few days you’d be there? When I think of retreats, I tend to imagine rural settings. Am I on target?


The Preacher's Son is Finally Living Life Sober, Happy, and Free

Submitted 09-09-2022 under NONPROFITS

"Spiritually, the biggest thing Guiding Light has given me is this sense of community and belonging. I’ve always had trouble connecting. It’s never been natural for me to go and hang out with people. Drinking made that worse. Being here has really opened my eyes and softened my heart."


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does My Car Insurance Cover STDs?

Submitted 09-06-2022 under OPINION

Question: If the driver's behavior causes bodily harm to a passenger should the insurance company be on the hook for the damages? She is suing his auto insurance company because she got a sexually transmitted disease while in his car.


Tuesdays With Morrie Reveals, Conceals

Submitted 09-06-2022 under OPINION

Tuesdays With Morrie, the stage adaptation of the bestselling memoir, succeeds in celebrating its titular subject and in asking the fundamental questions.