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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is there one true religion? Part 1

Submitted 03-12-2018 under OPINION

All of the major religions say ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Jesus said to ‘Love one another and that, of faith, hope and charity, love is the greatest of these.’ So why do they also say that their religion is the ‘one, true religion,’ when they all share the same premise?


The Walk for Good Food: Access celebrates legacy of Hunger Walk with name change

Submitted 03-09-2018 under NONPROFITS

In changing the name of the annual Hunger Walk to the Walk for Good Food, Access of West Michigan celebrates forty years of food reform, looking ahead to future progress.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does your tradition believe in saints?

Submitted 03-05-2018 under OPINION

I'd like to know the different ways Christians see saints; and I'd also appreciate hearing from non-Christians about their traditions and whether or not they have a concept of sainthood.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What role does celibacy play in your tradition?

Submitted 02-26-2018 under OPINION

I'm curious about how celibacy plays into religion. I do know that Catholic priests, nuns, and monks practice it; but does it play any ‘official’ role in Protestantism?


Powerful, individual stories behind homeless numbers

Submitted 02-21-2018 under NONPROFITS

Numbers tell an important story, but more meaningful is the powerful story of each person represented by those numbers.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the role of clergy?

Submitted 02-20-2018 under OPINION

What are the typical duties of clergy in your tradition who serve a congregation?


Kaufman Interfaith Institute introduces "Year of Interfaith Friendship" for 2018

Submitted 02-16-2018 under NEWS

Followers of multiple religions will be able to engage in community events ranging from movie screenings, book clubs, restaurant gatherings and others


Ethics and Religion Talk: What happens to a Secular Humanist Part 1

Submitted 02-12-2018 under OPINION

Does a secular humanist who follows his or her heart and lives in general by the Golden Rule have a chance of seeing Heaven?


Formerly homeless, Heartside resident uses voice to give back

Submitted 02-06-2018 under NONPROFITS

With nowhere to go, Thomas went to an area shelter where he was told about Dégage and the services we offer. Not one to let a meaningful opportunity pass, Thomas came quickly to Dégagé.


Neighborhood celebrates former church site

Submitted 02-01-2018 under NONPROFITS

From Past to Present: A unified celebration of the St. Joseph the Worker Church building and its legacy in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood.