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Ethics and Religion Talk: Must a Congregation Always Be United in Agreement with its Leader?

Submitted 07-10-2023 under OPINION

How do congregations survive if there is a schism in their attitude toward their religious leader? A house divided WILL fall.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Am I Obligated to Forgive Someone Who Hurt Me?

Submitted 07-03-2023 under OPINION

Am I obligated to forgive someone who hurt me? What if they say they're sorry, but continue the behavior? What if I know they mean well and are motivated out of love (but it's still harmful)?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why is it Wrong to Trust in Oneself?

Submitted 06-26-2023 under OPINION

Proverbs 28:26 says that "Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered." Why is it wrong to trust in oneself?


Ethics and Religion Talk: When May I Stray from My Tradition's Moral Code?

Submitted 06-19-2023 under OPINION

I occasionally come across stories of saints, prophets, and other religious figures of note who seem to break from the moral codes we are taught to obey.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is it Fair to Give Religious People Days Off When Non-Religious Will Have to Work?

Submitted 06-12-2023 under OPINION

Is it fair to give religious people days off when non religious will have to work?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Are Technological Innovations Forbidden Until Religiously Approved?

Submitted 06-05-2023 under OPINION

We are in the midst of a technological evolution that is almost overwhelming in its speed. I curious to know if each innovation or invention is reviewed by religious leaders who then pronounce whether their adherents should indulge or not.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Judges be Involved in Local or National Politics?

Submitted 05-30-2023 under OPINION

Should judges be involved in local or national politics?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should the Audubon Society Change its Name?

Submitted 05-22-2023 under OPINION

Is it ethically wrong for the Audubon organization to keep their name?


Ethics and Religion Talk

Submitted 05-15-2023 under OPINION

Many companies wish to go in the direction of ESG (Environment Social Governance). Many politicians are attempting to punish those corporations that see this as an opportunity to contribute to the public good. Is it ethical to stop people from such an effort?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Theology Need Philosophy and Psychology?

Submitted 05-08-2023 under OPINION

"Dino" asks, "How can practical theology be practiced without psychology and philosophy?"