The Rapidian


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Archeological or Historical/Linguistic Discoveries Affect Your Faith?

Submitted 07-25-2022 under OPINION

Can you give any examples of such discoveries or developments that may have led you to look at things in a different way?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Worship Dress Up or Dress Down?

Submitted 07-18-2022 under OPINION

Does your religious tradition embrace a come-as-you-want ethic with respect to dress during worship, or does it encourage a certain level of dress-up or minimum standard of dress?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Infant Circumcision: Pro or Con?

Submitted 07-11-2022 under OPINION

Does your tradition have a position on a circumcision for religious reasons? Does it have a position on the legal banning of infant circumcision?


Ethics and Religion Talk: May 'Cremains' be Scattered Widely?

Submitted 07-05-2022 under OPINION

What are your panelists' opinion of having cremains scattered, and scattered in different states?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Twitter Responsible for Speech On Its Platform?

Submitted 06-27-2022 under OPINION

Does Twitter have an ethical obligation to regulate certain expressions of speech on its platform?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do I Know What My Religion Should Be?

Submitted 06-20-2022 under OPINION

Thomas writes, “I was raised Christian but I can't decide what religion to follow. I have read all the belief systems, but I am unsure of what criteria I should use to choose a religion. What advice does your panel have?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: Gas for a Steal or Stealing Gas?

Submitted 06-13-2022 under OPINION

Question: “What do you have to say to the customers who bought gas for five hours for $.45 a gallon, clearly a mistake, without informing the owner of the station. Or to the people who grumbled at Henry DeHart, the customer who told the owner about mistake?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Your Messiah the Same as My Messiah?

Submitted 06-06-2022 under OPINION

Thomas W. writes: “I have read about many belief systems and all of them believe in the appearance of some kind of a messiah. Will the messiah represent one particular faith tradition? Could the Messiah that the Jews are waiting on appear from another faith instead?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: What If There Were No Second Amendment

Submitted 05-31-2022 under OPINION

If there were no second amendment and your religious tradition was in charge of the country, what laws, if any, would you pass restricting gun ownership?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Makes Music a Universal Language?

Submitted 05-23-2022 under OPINION

A student of one of our panelists, Fred Stella, asks: I’m curious as to why music seems to be universal in religious worship. To the best of my knowledge, there is no religion that does not utilize it in some fashion. I realize this might be speculation, but I’d welcome any thoughts on the subject.