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Ethics and Religion Talk: What are you grateful for? Part 1

Submitted 11-12-2018 under OPINION

Leading up to Thanksgiving next week, I invited the Ethics and Religion Talk panel to answer the question: ‘In the past year, what is the one thing in your life, in your community, in the world near or far, for which you are the most grateful?’ Here is the first set of responses. More next week!


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does God really hate divorce?

Submitted 11-05-2018 under OPINION

In a previous column, one of the columnists claimed that “God hate divorce.” Is that really the case? Does your tradition believe that there is no scriptural support for ending a bad marriage?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Non-Biblical sources of wisdom

Submitted 10-29-2018 under OPINION

Ryan asks, When making any decision, either on ethics, doctrine, theology, etc, what sources would you explore besides your sacred scriptures?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Alternative Truth?

Submitted 10-22-2018 under OPINION

If our society keeps on accepting various forms of truth or personal versions of truth, what warranties do we have that we will not self-destroy?


Triennial Interfaith Dialogue will explore whether religious identities are what unites or divides us

Submitted 10-19-2018 under NEWS

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim voices weigh in on an important and timely topic.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Responding to reader feedback

Submitted 10-15-2018 under OPINION

This week, I am departing from the normal format of Ethics and Religion Talk to respond to some reader feedback.


Ethics and Religion Talk: On which holiday brings the most joy, and which brings the least

Submitted 10-08-2018 under OPINION

What is your favorite holiday on your tradition’s calendar, and why, or what is your least favorite holiday on your tradition’s calendar, and why?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Examining the ethics of eating lab-grown flesh

Submitted 10-01-2018 under OPINION

Is it ethical to consume lab-grown human flesh?


Ethics and Religion Talk: How does your tradition react to suicide?

Submitted 09-24-2018 under OPINION

Does your tradition condemn a person who died by his or her own hand (committed suicide) in any way, such as burial in a separate section of the cemetery, burial without all of the normal funeral rites, or by refusing to conduct a funeral service at all? Why or why not?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do with frozen embryos after divorce?

Submitted 09-17-2018 under OPINION

A new Arizona law would give frozen embryos to either spouse who wants to use them, even after a divorce. Is it ethical to force someone to become a parent against his or her will?