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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is blood sacrifice necessary for atonement?

Submitted 07-09-2018 under OPINION

A reader asks, What steps must I take to fully atone for sin? Is it true that a blood sacrifice is required by the Bible?


Ethics and Religion Talk - What does "Image of God" Mean? Part 2

Submitted 07-02-2018 under OPINION

Richard J. asks, What does it mean when theologians say, "we are made in the image of God"? Does it mean we look like God?


Plainsong Farm works to catalyze a Christian food movement: "Ten acres and large questions"

Submitted 06-30-2018 under NONPROFITS

Plainsong Farm, a recipient agency for the Access Walk for Good Food, seeks to connect people to the land and to God through a community farm model and work rooted in years of ministry.


New City Neighbors links good food and youth empowerment

Submitted 06-29-2018 under NONPROFITS

Recognizing that good food is often connected to good living, New City Neighbors integrates a community farm and café into their work with youth.


The optimistic vision of HQ to address youth homelessness: "Our work ultimately is very human work"

Submitted 06-27-2018 under NONPROFITS

The mission and work of HQ, a drop-in center for runaway and homeless youth, reflects the diverse approaches of this year's Walk for Good Food recipient organizations to issues of poverty and hunger.


Meals on Wheels' applies specific focus to need for good food

Submitted 06-26-2018 under NONPROFITS

Attentive to the food concerns of the senior population in Grand Rapids, Meals on Wheels demonstrates that the most effective approaches to tackling broad needs are often focused on the specific.


The permaculture perspective of Urban Roots: "We are guests in this neighborhood"

Submitted 06-26-2018 under NONPROFITS

The permaculture perspective that informs Urban Roots, a community farm and education center, allows it to be rooted deeply and reaching broadly.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What does "Image of God" mean? Part 1

Submitted 06-25-2018 under OPINION

Richard J. asks, What does it mean when theologians say, we are made in the image of God? Does it mean we look like God?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should religious leaders provide therapy?

Submitted 06-18-2018 under OPINION

Our question this week is: Should individuals and families seek therapy from their religious leaders; and conversely, should religious leaders provide therapy?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should genetic testing be mandatory before conceiving children?

Submitted 06-11-2018 under OPINION

If a couple is considering having children, should they be ethically obligated to undergo genetic testing, even for conditions that cannot be currently treated?