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GR Forward Thinking continues series with noted urbanist Don Edwards

Submitted 11-25-2014 under NEWS

Prominent public engagement strategist Don Edwards will speak at the second evening of the GR Forward Thinking: Speaker Series.


Plaster Creek Stewards stepping out: Connecting Grand Rapids with Sarnia, Okayama

Submitted 11-25-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Plaster Creek Stewards has been recognized for environmental advocacy, and shares accolades with other award winning programs worldwide for efforts to educate community and facilitate action to restore vital watershed.


Story Matters: Kiaeem shares his one wish for his family

Submitted 11-25-2014 under NONPROFITS

Kiaeem talks about his family and his future choices.


Cosplay at Grand Rapids Comic Con explores media's final frontier: diversity

Submitted 11-25-2014 under OPINION

Civil rights took center stage at Grand Rapids Comic Con 2014 with Nichelle Nichols, the first woman to play a character who was not submissive to a man, and the first black woman in a position of power as Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek.


Grand Valley Ford team "goes further"

Submitted 11-24-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

A team of Grand Valley State University students created a video to tell the story of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a nonprofit organization that propagates, archives and reforests species of ancient trees.


Story Matters: Officer Mike Harris explains his work at Boys and Girls Club

Submitted 11-24-2014 under NONPROFITS

Officer Mike Harris shares why he values his work at the Boys and Girls Club and how he would like to be remembered.


Campaign to ban use of wild animals for entertainment heats up

Submitted 11-24-2014 under OPINION

End Circus Cruelty's campaign gathers at the City Commission meeting in large numbers, urging city leaders to pass an ordinance banning the use of wild animals in Grand Rapids.


Story Matters: Dymond talks about day at school

Submitted 11-24-2014 under NONPROFITS

Dymond shares an experience from her day at school and how she thinks we can make the world a better place.


Story Matters: Jania speaks about future choices

Submitted 11-21-2014 under NONPROFITS

Jania talks about how she imagines her teenage years and the choices she will have to make.


Story Matters: Lynda McDonald remembers Rev. Williams' tenure at New Hope Baptist

Submitted 11-19-2014 under NONPROFITS

Lynda McDonald recalls Rev. Williams’ time at New Hope Baptist and his involvement with the mustache controversy at South High School.