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Community Safety

NPO Showcase: Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition

Submitted 10-22-2014 under NONPROFITS

The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition serves as a voice for safer and more accessible bicycling of all kinds in our area.


Software developers win contest for innovative snow plow app

Submitted 10-21-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

A team of local software engineers have won the grand prize for Code Michigan 2014 with their snow plow data tracking application. The award of $15,000 will help the project move forward, yet much work remains to be done.


Story Matters: Bruce Barresi keeps himself busy

Submitted 09-19-2014 under NONPROFITS

Bruce Barresi talks about his nicknames, his past and how he stays busy.


GRTV to broadcast Peace Day special

Submitted 09-19-2014 under NEWS

On September 21, the International Day of Peace, GRTV will host five broadcasts of the film "Peacemakers."


Story Matters: Billy Austin values Heartside community

Submitted 09-17-2014 under NONPROFITS

Billy Austin shares about his grandmother, time in prison and love of the Heartside community.


Story Matters: Elida Chavez worries about safety in Heartside neighborhood

Submitted 09-17-2014 under NONPROFITS

Elida Chavez, resident of the Heartside neighborhood, shares her concerns about safety after dark.


Story Matters: Robin Snyder appreciates accessibility in Grand Rapids

Submitted 08-12-2014 under NONPROFITS

Robin Snyder values accessible transportation for people with disabilities, and explains the importance to the economy and the community when cities are made accessible.


West Michigan nonprofits join forces to send teams on 300-mile bicycle ride from Grand Rapids to Chicago

Submitted 08-11-2014 under NONPROFITS

Six local nonprofits will host a collaborative fundraising party from 5-8 p.m. on Aug. 19 in advance of the first-ever Climate Ride Midwest


Story Matters: Liz Ashburn recommends public transportation

Submitted 08-08-2014 under NONPROFITS

Liz Ashburn learned at school how to use the local bus system. Now she uses it to go everywhere she needs to go- and encourages the rest of the community to do the same.


Security director examines proposed panhandling restrictions

Submitted 08-08-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Russell Wolff is the director of Grand Valley State University Pew campus security. In light of the proposed panhandling ordinance, he shares his experiences with panhandlers and enforcing campus rules.