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Black Lives Matter starts local conversation about race

Submitted 01-19-2015 under OPINION

Black Lives Matter Grand Rapids meets to start a conversation about race in the Grand Rapids community.


Snowy Doings Within Grand Rapids Bounds

Submitted 01-09-2015 under OPINION

Enjoy our wondrous snowflake covered earth to the fullest this year!


Mightier than the sword

Submitted 01-08-2015 under OPINION

As an open and welcoming news source for all, empowering local residents to become citizen journalists, the news coming from Paris has hit us hard here at The Rapidian. It's also made us stronger.


Hideous delight of paint steals show in "Buying Friends" at UICA

Submitted 01-07-2015 under OPINION

West Michigan native Ryan Kortman's collection of over 80 works by 36 artists brings jarring and memorable work to the UICA. A collector's talk and catalogue signing at UICA is open to the public Friday, January 9 at 7 p.m.


The Bridge of Snow

Submitted 12-18-2014 under OPINION

Snow or no snow, take advantage of the many indoor activities throughout our city to get out of the house this winter!


Dominican Center programming offers ways to simplify complexities of life

Submitted 12-17-2014 under OPINION

Life as we know it is changing rapidly and dramatically. In the relentless busyness of modern life, we have lost the rhythm between stillness and activity.


Advancing mobility one walk at a time

Submitted 12-05-2014 under OPINION

Preparations for the disART Festival in April 2015 have been underway for several months. disART will showcase performances and visual art exhibits by artists who are in some way physically or mentally impaired.


Grand Rapids Wine, Beer and Food Show showcases craft products, purveyors

Submitted 11-26-2014 under OPINION

This past weekend the seventh annual food and wine show captivated the attention of many West Michigan residents. Spanned over three days, guests could spend their time attending seminars, sampling local restaurant menus and tasting various beverages.


Cosplay at Grand Rapids Comic Con explores media's final frontier: diversity

Submitted 11-25-2014 under OPINION

Civil rights took center stage at Grand Rapids Comic Con 2014 with Nichelle Nichols, the first woman to play a character who was not submissive to a man, and the first black woman in a position of power as Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek.


Portrait: Artists deal with self, identity, culture at Free Radical 2014

Submitted 11-24-2014 under OPINION

Artists continue to explore self-awareness and self-presentation through portraiture work of various forms. Multiple artists at the 2014 Free Radical event are worth exploring.