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Critical Discourse on Detroit: Design 99's neighborhood work as artists

Submitted 10-01-2014 under OPINION

As a native Detroiter, I grew up hearing “As goes Detroit, so goes the nation.” When artists can create meaningful change and invite both solo meditation and public discussion, they are truly impacting society.


West Michigan Cooperative expands offerings to members

Submitted 09-25-2014 under OPINION

The West Michigan Cooperative is expanding its offerings to classes and events as well as fresh produce, meats and handmade goods.


Reconstructing history: artists create community inside SiTE:LAB @ The Morton

Submitted 09-21-2014 under OPINION

Kinesthetic and multi-media ArtPrize installations take flight amid the old Morton House's suspended redevelopment.


Open letter to our leaders: time to prohibit use of wild animals in entertainment

Submitted 09-19-2014 under OPINION

Opposing animal circuses is the rational response to becoming educated about the methods used to turn these creatures into compliant, psychologically damaged, physically compromised performers.


Seeing positive reflections in Grand River planning

Submitted 09-11-2014 under OPINION

The City's riverfront revitalization planning includes work with GR Forward's River Corridor Plan Steering Committee. This work is not just about the river: it's about the people that want to fish in, paddle on and just enjoy our watershed.


Legalization of urban chickens shows desire for integrated, secure food systems

Submitted 09-08-2014 under OPINION

As the Housing Appeals Board and City Commission return to the debate about urban chickens, I share a few reasons I think Grand Rapids should introduce these utilitarian pets into their neighborhoods.


Problem by any other name:"Growth," racism in Grand Rapids

Submitted 09-08-2014 under OPINION

Our city is in need of frank discussions about racism, segregation, growth and what all of this means for Grand Rapids.


KT Killin' Them: changing the direction of hip hop

Submitted 08-24-2014 under OPINION

Local hip hop artist, Kurtis Burke, known as KT Killin' Them or KT, opens for T-Pain August 26, set out to help change the face of hip hop.


Sucker punch: How police control of media in Ferguson affects us all

Submitted 08-14-2014 under OPINION

Journalism has a responsibility to our citizens to build democracy through information, which has the power to encourage involvement and investment. When freedom of the press is threatened, democracy is threatened.


Donkey Taqueria serves affordable plates, needs some heat

Submitted 08-06-2014 under OPINION

The food at Donkey may have needed a bit of spice, but the open aired seating area provided a refreshing summer setting.