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We need to stop talking about inner beauty and start teaching our girls to take action

Submitted 07-28-2015 under OPINION

A conversation about beauty - inner or outer - is a conversation about how to make yourself pleasing to others. And that’s not where we need to focus our attention.


Bliss and Vinegar offers fast, fresh food to Forest Hills

Submitted 07-21-2015 under OPINION

[Review] The healthy alternative to fast food without sacrificing on time opened just months ago and focuses on quality, fresh and healthy options.


Grandwich 2015 Sampled: Day three brings return of the Grandwich

Submitted 07-11-2015 under OPINION

The Grandwich reviewers take on eight more sandwiches and have their faith restored. With a better selection overall, San Chez came out on top.


Grandwich 2015 Sampled: The long, dark lunchtime of the soul

Submitted 07-10-2015 under OPINION

The Rapidian’s crack team of expert food critics venture into the second day of tasting all 2015 Grandwich entries, with overall disappointment, a newfound fear of eggs and plenty of soapboxing.


Del McCoury Band brings grammy-winning bluegrass to Meijer Gardens

Submitted 07-02-2015 under OPINION

76-year-old Del McCoury has been a bluegrass master for much of the last half-century, and embodies everything admirable about down home modesty. His band, including sons Rob and Ronnie, are also some of the world's best pickers.


Missing Pride

Submitted 06-28-2015 under OPINION

June is LGBT Pride month. With the recent ruling in favor of marriage equality, a new energy fills the community. But who are we forgetting in this time of perceived triumph?


A moveable feast of tasty art at "Buffet"

Submitted 06-08-2015 under OPINION

Glitter Milk Gallery's new exhibit features fun food-themed art.


Our place, your voices: Southside news from southside neighbors- and why that matters

Submitted 05-22-2015 under OPINION

Who knew an immigrant kid from the southside of the city would be given the chance to speak his mind, and for that I am thankful to The Rapidian.


Our place, your voices: Rediscovering Grand Rapids

Submitted 05-22-2015 under OPINION

Moving to a new state makes me think a little bit harder about the things I'll miss in this current one.


Our place, your voices: Why I write for The Rapidian

Submitted 05-21-2015 under OPINION

Reflecting back on all the articles people have published over the years it is hard to imagine Grand Rapids before The Rapidian. So many individuals have added such phenomenal content that would not have been possible without this media platform. It is important for us to support The Rapidian.