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Our city's landscaping: does it have an effect on how we behave toward each other?

Submitted 04-07-2014 under OPINION

We all benefit from kindness. Let’s find a way to make all of our city a kinder place to live.


Hall Street Bakery restores tasty options with gluten free kitchen

Submitted 04-07-2014 under OPINION

Thanks to a gluten-free-only kitchen at the Hall Street location, Wealthy Street Bakery and Hall Street Bakery now have a variety of gluten free options including muffins, cookies and bread.


The Bourbon-Barrel Beer Report: beer lovers compare local, regional, national brews

Submitted 03-31-2014 under OPINION

A beer expert and two beer enthusiasts convened to sip and discuss three brews: Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout, New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk and Blue Mountain’s Dark Hollow. See what they thought of the brews here.


Time to reduce gun violence: an open letter to Senator Dave Hildenbrand

Submitted 03-26-2014 under OPINION

Hildenbrand, who represents most of the City of Grand Rapids, has publicly stated that he's with the majority of Michiganders who want to reduce unchecked gun sales. There is a measure he can support right now.


GoBoldly photo series sends rebuttal to the Go Confidently advertisements

Submitted 03-24-2014 under OPINION

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the "Go Confidently" billboard ads that suddenly popped up all over the highway and near highway entrances around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area?


Struggling young talent discovers herself in Adult World

Submitted 03-19-2014 under OPINION

Now showing at the UICA, Adult World follows a young hopeful poet trying to find her place in the real world.


Les Miserables continues to draw crowds at Civic Theatre

Submitted 03-18-2014 under OPINION

The broadway musical Les Miserables performed at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre puts on a show of epic proportions.


Fashion event to showcase local designers, benefit local charity

Submitted 03-11-2014 under OPINION

Kendall students will create an unforgettable night of extravagant fashion this month.


Reshaping perspectives: The Rocket takes on culture in a new way

Submitted 03-05-2014 under OPINION

"The Rocket" is a story of youth, culture, tradition, and community in Laos, featuring confident performances and brilliant wilderness settings.


The Paczki Report: Local paczki go head to head

Submitted 03-03-2014 under OPINION

Six local Rapidians gathered to compare six different Paczki: everything from Meijer to a homemade version to Bartz Bakery in the Detroit area. They rated and compared their results here.