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First annual Art Outdoor Project draws attention to Grand Rapids with local art

Submitted 07-28-2015 under NEWS

The Art Outdoor Project, a part of Experience Grand Rapids' Cool City. Hot Art. campaign, is a selection of artwork from five local artists to be displayed on billboards along Michigan highways.


Local author publishes first novel focusing on good, bad in everyone

Submitted 07-24-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Adam Schuitema's "Haymaker" dives into the life of two groups of vastly different people and shows that everyone, even characters in books, have flaws.


Craft House creates place for opportunity, community, conversations about art

Submitted 07-24-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Craft House, a part of the Avenue for the Arts, is a collaborative exhibition space founded in 2012 that aims to encourage community and provide artists with opportunity and experience.


Artist Jeff Kraus explores ambiguity, symbolism in large scale paintings

Submitted 07-22-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Jeff Kraus explains why he paints in the abstract and the meaning behind his work, living in Grand Rapids and balancing making art while touring full time with his band.


Past the gallery doors: Alternative spaces to find art

Submitted 07-21-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Aside from traditional art galleries or your local coffee shop, there are numerous venues to discover new and exciting artists.


Neil Simon's Classic Comedy "Barefoot in the Park" Presented by Local Theatre Company University Wits

Submitted 07-20-2015 under NONPROFITS

Barefoot in the Park tells the timeless story of young love, family, neighbors, and how they all get along - or sometimes don’t. A straight-arrow husband and a free spirited wife learn a lot about each other and a lot about life in their first week of marriage. These newlyweds are in for a wild ride


Wealthy Theatre invites public to major press conference

Submitted 07-14-2015 under NONPROFITS

Thursday's 10:45 a.m. press conference at Wealthy Theatre "is the culmination of everything we've been doing for the past three years," says Wealthy Theatre Director Erin Wilson, who promises a dozen major announcements about what CMC has done to secure the future of the landmark theatre.


Local writer battling brain cancer seeks help to write his story with Kickstarter campaign

Submitted 07-09-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

David Wenzel is asking for funds to help him take eight months to write his memoir, "Thank You, Kung Fu." The Kickstarter campaign ends on July 26, with a goal of raising $40,000.


Grand Rapids Public Library hosts exhibit featuring history of local cartoonists

Submitted 07-07-2015 under NEWS

Cartoonists of Grand Rapids will be on display at Grand Rapids Public Library from July 1 until August 15; the exhibit features biographies and artwork from local cartoonists throughout history as well as a comic workshop and family comic night.


Creative space Wisemaker celebrates collaboration of art, environment

Submitted 07-02-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

"I want to take my mission here at Wisemaker to promote creativity and environmental sustainability out into the community and let other people really dig into that concept," says owner Kelly Allen.