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Ethics and Religion Talk: Sex, Violence, and Hollywood, part 1

Submitted 08-01-2022 under OPINION

Would any of you avoid a program that might be good otherwise, but includes sex/nudity? Has such content become so much a part of society that we have become numb to it? Or, perhaps we should just accept all this as being an honest portrayal of life?


Community Updates: Friday, July 29

Submitted 07-29-2022 under NEWS

Several committee/commission meetings take place in Grand Rapids on Tuesday; Richmond Park pool to hold "Wag 'n' Wade" dog swim event in August; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Archeological or Historical/Linguistic Discoveries Affect Your Faith?

Submitted 07-25-2022 under OPINION

Can you give any examples of such discoveries or developments that may have led you to look at things in a different way?


Community Updates: Friday, July 22

Submitted 07-22-2022 under NEWS

Firefighters and athletes take on the Firefighter Challenge in Grand Rapids; the City of Grand Rapids prepares for election day; and more


Guiding Light Sober-Living Apartments Welcomes Record Number

Submitted 07-21-2022 under NONPROFITS

Iron House offers a safe and secure environment in a residential area outside the inner city that offers continued peer support. Located in the city of Kentwood, several of the Iron House facilities are undergoing extensive renovations to accommodate the additional Recovery clients.


Día de los Muertos: New Exhibition Coming to the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Submitted 07-19-2022 under LOCAL LIFE

Starting on September 3, the Grand Rapids Public Museum will be home to "A Celebration of Souls: Day of the Dead in Southern Mexico," an exhibition that shows how Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico's Oaxaca region


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Worship Dress Up or Dress Down?

Submitted 07-18-2022 under OPINION

Does your religious tradition embrace a come-as-you-want ethic with respect to dress during worship, or does it encourage a certain level of dress-up or minimum standard of dress?


The Music Man Charms Old And Young Alike

Submitted 07-15-2022 under OPINION

The Music Man proves still lively and charming in Circle Theatre's current staging.


Community Updates: Friday, July 15

Submitted 07-15-2022 under NEWS

Kent County Health Department confirms presence of monkeypox and West Nile viruses in West Michigan; interactive water quality monitoring station established on Sixth Street Bridge; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Infant Circumcision: Pro or Con?

Submitted 07-11-2022 under OPINION

Does your tradition have a position on a circumcision for religious reasons? Does it have a position on the legal banning of infant circumcision?