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Community Updates: Friday, September 2

Submitted 09-02-2022 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Police Department and SAFE Task Force to hold anonymous gun buyback event in push for violent crime prevention; Grand Rapids Fire Department announces new internship program; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Theology be Fear-based?

Submitted 08-29-2022 under OPINION

It is often agreed by both therapists and clergy that a large number of people grow up in homes and congregations where fear is the dominant factor in theology. This has emotionally and spiritually damaged many.


Community Updates: Friday, August 26

Submitted 08-26-2022 under NEWS

First annual Mexican Film Festival to take place at Wealthy Theatre in September; Grand Rapids City Commission holds "Commission Night Out" event on Tuesday; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should Cemeteries Honor the Saltier Qualities of the Deceased?

Submitted 08-23-2022 under OPINION

The family wanted to honor the essence of their father and his rough personality on his tombstone. The cemetery feels differently and wants the stone removed. Who is in the right?


Community Updates: Friday, August 19

Submitted 08-19-2022 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Library to host "adult storytime" events; City of Grand Rapids schedules first Commission Night Out event for next Tuesday; and more


Guiding Light Recovery Helps Doug Chart a Better Path

Submitted 08-17-2022 under NONPROFITS

Doug was in jail where he met a man who recommended Guiding Light. They discussed a number of the treatment programs in Grand Rapids, but his cellmate said, “If you get the chance, try Guiding Light, it's a better overall program."


Ethics and Religion Talk: Sex, Violence, and Hollywood, part 2

Submitted 08-15-2022 under OPINION

Would any of you avoid a program that might be good otherwise, but includes sex/nudity? Has such content become so much a part of society that we have become numb to it? Or, perhaps we should just accept all this as being an honest portrayal of life?


Community Updates: Friday, August 12

Submitted 08-12-2022 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Museum to hold nature-based, educational programs for students in August; Kent County Health Department seeks to increase vaccine awareness; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Orthodoxy - Do you have an obligation to straighten someone's beliefs?

Submitted 08-08-2022 under OPINION

If a member of your flock approaches you with an honest admission that he or she no longer believes in a core doctrine of your religion (afterlife, the idea of God, salvation, etc.), would you consider it your duty to bring this person back into the “correct” belief system?


Community Updates: Friday, August 5

Submitted 08-05-2022 under NEWS

Two concerts left in the 2022 GRAM on the Green series; Grand Rapids Public Schools clarifies dress code ahead of 2022-2023 school year; and more