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January 9, 2023 - Ethics and Religion Talk: If My Faith is Right, Does Yours Have to be Wrong?

Submitted 01-09-2023 under OPINION

It is generally understood by people that each religion claims that all other faiths are “wrong,” and thus displeasing to God. Yet it seems that there are “loopholes” that still allow those who believe otherwise some form of salvation.


St. Cecilia Music Center brings Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Artists back to the Royce Auditorium Stage on January 19th performing a program called "Magical Schubert", featuring three works by the prolific composer Franz Schubert

Submitted 01-07-2023 under NONPROFITS

St. Cecilia Music Center (SCMC) in Grand Rapids will bring Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center musicians back for their second concert of the season on January 19, 2023.


Community Updates: Friday, January 6

Submitted 01-06-2023 under NEWS

New and incumbent Kent County Commissioners take oaths of office on Tuesday; Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. reminds Grand Rapidians that World of Winter will return to downtown on Friday; and more


City Connection: Mayor Bliss to be Joined by John Gorney, Director of GR Department of Public Works

Submitted 01-04-2023 under NONPROFITS

Watch live on GRTV's Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning at 4:00pm on Monday, January 9


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does God Care About Rituals?

Submitted 01-02-2023 under OPINION

Some religious traditions have practices, rituals or sacraments that have to be done in a very specific way. Does God really care? Why?


Community Updates: Friday, December 30

Submitted 12-30-2022 under NEWS

Warmer weather coming to Grand Rapids, City encourages residents to keep storm drains clear; Grand Rapids experiences string of burglaries on Thursday, GRPD searching for suspects; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Can a $135 Pair of Sneakers End Bullying?

Submitted 12-26-2022 under OPINION

I was disturbed by a report about a teen buying a friend a pair of $135 sneakers because he was bullied for wearing old, dirty, shoes. It's lovely that he wanted to address his friend's bullying problem. But is buying him a $135 pair of shoes a bandaid or a solution?


Community Updates: Thursday, December 22

Submitted 12-22-2022 under NEWS

City offices to close for the holiday season; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: Whoops! I Gave My Vegan Friend Ham!

Submitted 12-19-2022 under OPINION

Last week, I was hanging in the park smoking cannabis and having a picnic, eating a salad. A friend came by, also smoking, and reached over and started eating my salad. ... Do I have an obligation to tell my friend that the salad he ate had ham in it?


New Ordinances Proposed by Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Receive Pushback from Activists and Community Members

Submitted 12-16-2022 under NEWS

Business owners, activists, and the Grand Rapids community disagree on whether two new ordinances proposed by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce "criminalize homelessness"