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Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Feel About Those Who Leave Your Religious Community?

Submitted 02-05-2024 under OPINION

I have heard from several sources that the penalty for leaving Islam is death.... If this is not true, where does this idea come from? And for others, is there any penalty (physical or spiritual) for leaving your faith?


Dwelling Place Introduces 2024 Winter/Spring Artist in Residence: Pharaoh Muhammad Khalil

Submitted 02-02-2024 under NONPROFITS

Pharaoh is a multi-talented artist who will be utilizing the 106 Gallery space to curate exhibitions and activations in the Heartside neighborhood that will showcase the talent and creativity of a variety of artists.


St. Cecilia Music Center presents Popular Folk Artist Aimee Mann with Special Guest Jonathan Coulton on February 29, 2024

Submitted 02-01-2024 under NONPROFITS

St. Cecilia Music Center (SCMC) presents folk artist Aimee Mann in concert with guest Jonathan Coulton on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Aimee Mann will perform her iconic music including her newest release, “Queens of the Summer Hotel” on Super Ego Records.


You might receive a postcard from the City asking if you like living in Grand Rapids — Here's why.

Submitted 02-01-2024 under NEWS

Grand Rapids is conducting a National Community Survey for feedback on city services and quality of life. Randomly selected residents will be invited to participate via postcards soon, and the survey will be publicly available by March 7.


Rep. Rachel Hood announces decision not to seek reelection beyond 2024

Submitted 01-29-2024 under NEWS

State Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids) announced Monday she won't seek re-election in 2024, telling constituents "it's time to prioritize my family."


City Connection: Tim Burkman, City Engineer, to Join Rapidian Program Manager in the GRTV Studio

Submitted 01-29-2024 under NONPROFITS

Watch live on GRTV's Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning at 4:00pm on Monday, Feb. 5


Want to get involved with The Rapidian Reporter Program? Here's how.

Submitted 01-29-2024 under NEWS

The Rapidian introduces an upgraded Rapidian Reporter Program, enhancing collaboration in citizen reporting.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do You Need a Degree to Be Clergy?

Submitted 01-23-2024 under OPINION

For the Christians on the panel, I'm curious what degrees you needed to serve in your position. For non-Christians, what sort of ecclesial training is required for your ordination. Are there seminaries? Graduate work?


WMCAT's iBall 2024

Submitted 01-23-2024 under NONPROFITS

Join us at iBall 2024 – presented by Meijer – on Thursday, March 14 from 6-9 p.m. for an evening of celebration, community building, and connection as we invite our greater WMCAT community to be a voice of encouragement to our students.


Clyde's dramatizes the hopes and struggles of post-prison life

Submitted 01-21-2024 under OPINION

Clyde's, a play by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Lynn Nottage, dramatizes the realities of post-prison life with humor, empathy and style.