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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Your Messiah the Same as My Messiah?

Submitted 06-06-2022 under OPINION

Thomas W. writes: “I have read about many belief systems and all of them believe in the appearance of some kind of a messiah. Will the messiah represent one particular faith tradition? Could the Messiah that the Jews are waiting on appear from another faith instead?”


Celebrating Pride: Grand Rapids Gears Up for the 2022 GR Pride Festival

Submitted 06-03-2022 under LOCAL LIFE

As we enter Pride Month, Grand Rapids prepares for the annual GR Pride Festival and other events throughout the city


Community Updates: Friday, June 3

Submitted 06-03-2022 under NEWS

GRPD says goodbye to one of its K-9 officers and welcomes another; DGRI announces its lineup for the 2022 "Relax at Rosa" season; and more


I'm in the Right Place: Scott's Chance at a Sober Father's Day

Submitted 06-02-2022 under NONPROFITS

Scott woke up one morning on a couch, sick with one of his worst hangovers ever and realized he’d had enough. He’d ridden past Guiding Light every day on the bus and never gave the nonprofit a second thought – until it popped into his head to make the call.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What If There Were No Second Amendment

Submitted 05-31-2022 under OPINION

If there were no second amendment and your religious tradition was in charge of the country, what laws, if any, would you pass restricting gun ownership?


CTC Celebrates its 17th Annual Read to Me Tea

Submitted 05-31-2022 under NONPROFITS


Community Updates: Friday, May 27

Submitted 05-27-2022 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the OBON Society work together to return a Japanese soldier's "Good Luck Flag" to his family; the City of Grand Rapids approves the use of legal fireworks for the summer holidays (including Juneteenth); and more


GRAM Announces First Major American Impressionism Exhibition in over a Decade

Submitted 05-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

In A New Light: American Impressionism 1870 ‑1940 l Works from the Bank of America Collection on view June 11 -  Aug 27


Damon's Journey From Utter Desperation to a New Life Filled With Faith, Hope

Submitted 05-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

At one point in his life, Damon Whitmore was on top of the world, enjoying his role of partner in a successful law firm. In the next, he was alone and jobless, hardly a dollar to his name, his wife and daughter out of the picture, and awakening every morning “resolved to drink myself to death.”