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Grand Rapid's South East Neighborhood

Placemaking as hospitality: How can we invite everyone to the table?

Submitted 02-24-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

If placemaking is about embracing the collective humanity in each other, then the best places and the best placemaking are not just cool things to do in cool places, but building a better city for all of us.


Nourish Organic Market expands with free delivery of food baskets

Submitted 02-24-2015 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Nourish Organic Market, a small grocer that provides local and organic food, now offers free delivery for their Fresh For You food baskets as a way to make groceries more accessible and supporting local farmers easier.


Neighborhood school works to build literacy, community through National Reading Month volunteer opportunities

Submitted 02-17-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

MLK Jr. Leadership Academy, a Pre-K through 8th Grade school in the Madison Area neighborhood, is looking for volunteers to read to students during the month of March.


Poetry and Pints reading series proves written word not dead

Submitted 02-13-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Poetry and Pints is a monthly poetry reading series located at Harmony Brewing Company, featuring poetry about everything from Nancy Drew to divorce to professional wrestling.


Discover six locally owned alternatives to Trader Joe's

Submitted 02-12-2015 under OPINION

Yesterday afternoon, Trader Joe’s confirmed that it plans to open a location across from Centerpointe Mall in late 2015 or 2016. From the posts of my friends on Facebook, you would think that Grand Rapids just won the hipster lottery or something.


Marie Catribs serves sustainability

Submitted 02-10-2015 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Marie Catrib's is environmentally conscious about the food they serve by choosing to buy local. Their building is gold LEED certified, designed and built by Bazzani Associates, a company that has created many sustainable buildings.


Story Matters: Loutisha Patterson shares experiences of living in SE Grand Rapids

Submitted 02-05-2015 under NONPROFITS

Loutisha Patterson shares how she feels safe living in southeast Grand Rapids.


Story Matters: Marcia Rose remembers incident in SE Grand Rapids

Submitted 02-05-2015 under NONPROFITS

Marcia Rose describes an experience she had while living in South East Grand Rapids.


The rewards of serving one's neighborhood

Submitted 02-03-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

ECA board member Heather Colletto reflects on the responsibilities and benefits of neighborhood involvement, including realizing the impact of a community association when a gas station was proposed for a busy Eastown corner.


Story Matters: Wayne Rietberg describes old organ at Neland Ave. CRC

Submitted 02-03-2015 under NONPROFITS

Wayne Rietberg shares memories of his grandmother playing the old pump organ at Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church.