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Heritage Hill

Paws With A Cause recruits runners & fundraisers for Fifth Third River Bank Run

Submitted 03-04-2014 under NONPROFITS

Come walk, run, roll, and fundraise with Paws With A Cause at the upcoming Fifth Third River Bank Run on May 10, 2014.


Heritage Hill bed and breakfast creates "beer weekend" package

Submitted 02-20-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Peaches Bed and Breakfast has created a weekend package called "Sit. Stay. Beer." that offers a full slate of activities for visitors wanting to explore Grand Rapids' growing beer culture.


Local kombucha brewer stocks shelves in GR

Submitted 12-17-2013 under NEWS

Emily Helmus, owner of Bloom Ferments, has recently started selling her fermented teas to local vendors.


We're all in this together

Submitted 12-17-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

Making purchases hyper-locally keeps revenue within a neighborhood and perpetuates the vitality of the community.


Depaving ceremony to celebrate ground breaking on Pleasant Park - December 2nd, 2013

Submitted 12-02-2013 under NONPROFITS

A “depaving” ceremony at Pleasant Park will celebrate the start of construction on a project several years in the making to replace a 2.4 acre parking lot with a new city park in the Heritage Hill and South Hill neighborhoods.


Head to Uptown for the Holiday Shop Hop

Submitted 11-26-2013 under NEWS

Uptown Holiday Shop Hop includes four business districts with free connecting shuttle services.


Our Infertility Story: Struggling to find support in the #1 city to raise a family

Submitted 11-14-2013 under VOICES

Recently diagnosed with infertility, we have been frustrated by the lack of support available in Grand Rapids. We are reaching out to Grand Rapidians to share our story, create a support group and locate a support group meeting space.


Red cedar sprouts from middle of Child Discovery Center parking lot

Submitted 10-22-2013 under NEWS

In the middle of the night, a tree was planted in the middle of a parking lot. The Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center used guerrilla tactic to spark conversation about projected greenspace.


Story Matters: Mitchell Heathman explores his new city

Submitted 10-04-2013 under NONPROFITS

Did you know Grand Rapids has a vibrant comedy scene? That was one of the many things about Grand Rapids that took newcomer Mitchell Heathman by surprise


Fashion designer creates clothes for expressive people of all kinds

Submitted 08-13-2013 under OPINION

Ashley Triệu, designer of Iconoclasp, creates colorful ready-to-wear clothing for creative tastes in her small apartment home.