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Heritage Hill

Hunger in uniform: JROTC cadets overcoming food insecurity

Submitted 03-04-2014 under NONPROFITS

Students at Innovation Central High School are helping classmates and their own families beat hunger.


Paws With A Cause recruits runners & fundraisers for Fifth Third River Bank Run

Submitted 03-04-2014 under NONPROFITS

Come walk, run, roll, and fundraise with Paws With A Cause at the upcoming Fifth Third River Bank Run on May 10, 2014.


Clothes Closet expands in ministry opportunities for neighborhood

Submitted 10-18-2013 under NEWS

Heritage Hill Outreach Ministry runs a clothing ministry, with clothing selling for 50 cents each, as well as hospitality, Bible study and chapel services.


Heritage Hill Neighborhood Association holds WHAM event

Submitted 09-26-2013 under NEWS

A brief story about Heritage Hill's 2nd Annual WHAM event.


Heritage Hill Garden Tour to showcase wide variety of neighborhood gardens

Submitted 07-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The greater Grand Rapids community is invited to join the Heritage Hill neighborhood for a garden tour featuring the talented creations of our neighbors.


Neighborhood on display for Heritage Hill Garden Tour

Submitted 07-09-2013 under NEWS

The annual event is back in its sixth year, this time with a garden shop and an arts and crafts sale from the neighborhood.


Open houses In Heritage Hills draws crowd

Submitted 05-29-2013 under NEWS

An article about the 2013 Heritage Hill open house


Join us: Celebrate your community

Submitted 05-19-2013 under OPINION

The Rapidian expands my neighborhood, and connects me to the broader community around me. Join me in supporting their grassroots, people-powered efforts.


Gospel Choir sings with enthusiam.

Submitted 05-10-2013 under NEWS

Calvin College Gospel Choir performs at Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


In Our Own Lives

Submitted 10-01-2012 under NONPROFITS

How the power of music has affected the lives of the exectutive staff at this nonprofit organization