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Grand Rapids

Civic Theatre's summer program showcases young talent

Submitted 08-04-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre's Summer Repertory Theatre program helps its students grow and discover new passions.


Local musicians work to promote supplemental education programs

Submitted 08-04-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

Local musicians will be performing at The Avenue for the Arts event, First Fridays: The Market, working to promote supplemental education programs in Grand Rapids neighborhoods such as East Hills, Heartside and Roosevelt Park.


Loosely Bound exhibition consists of beautiful pieces backed by powerful concept

Submitted 08-04-2015 under OPINION

Loosely Bound at (106) Gallery and Studio presents work from five artists based around making sense of and materializing the ephemeral quality of time.


Local residents head to polls to select next mayor

Submitted 08-04-2015 under NEWS

Today is election day. Remember to get out to vote and remember your rights.


Mayor to answer questions live in monthly City Connection show

Submitted 08-03-2015 under NONPROFITS

Tune in live on Monday, August 3 to see the mayor's responses to citizen questions live, on air, on GRTV Channel 24 and live-streaming here on The Rapidian.


Mayoral candidates face off in final debate before Tuesday election

Submitted 08-03-2015 under NEWS

The four mayoral candidates participated in a debate focused primarily on income inequality at Loosemore Auditorium before Tuesday's election.


Story Matters: Christine Helms-Maletic looks for a mayor that cares about entire city

Submitted 08-01-2015 under NONPROFITS

Christine Helms-Maletic says she believes that even with a "weak mayor" city system, our local mayor can still be strongly influential if they take advantage of their bully pulpit opportunities.


Story Matters: Katie Gordon appreciates focus on income, racial inequalities at mayoral debate

Submitted 08-01-2015 under NONPROFITS

After Thursday night's mayoral debate on income inequality, two-year Grand Rapidian Katie Gordon says she is looking forward to a mayor that will continue the legacy of Mayor Heartwell's work to make Grand Rapids a progressive, inclusive city.


Candidates answer citizen questions on gentrification, race, police, LGBTQIA

Submitted 08-01-2015 under NEWS

As Tuesday's primary elections near, we gather last answers from our mayoral candidates to citizen questions on social ills and issues.


Story Matters: W. Paul Mayhue calls out problems of racial discrimination with police leadership, trespassing

Submitted 07-31-2015 under NONPROFITS

After attending the mayoral debate at Wealthy Theatre, Mayhue sat down to talk with us about the problems with race in Grand Rapids that he's seen with policing and laws.