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Our place, your voices: Southside news from southside neighbors- and why that matters

Submitted 05-22-2015 under OPINION

Who knew an immigrant kid from the southside of the city would be given the chance to speak his mind, and for that I am thankful to The Rapidian.


Our place, your voices: Rediscovering Grand Rapids

Submitted 05-22-2015 under OPINION

Moving to a new state makes me think a little bit harder about the things I'll miss in this current one.


Our place, your voices: Why I write for The Rapidian

Submitted 05-21-2015 under OPINION

Reflecting back on all the articles people have published over the years it is hard to imagine Grand Rapids before The Rapidian. So many individuals have added such phenomenal content that would not have been possible without this media platform. It is important for us to support The Rapidian.


Our place, your voices: The Rapidian creates critical discourse during ArtPrize

Submitted 05-20-2015 under NONPROFITS

To grow the success of our speaker series, ArtPrize needed a partner that could provide a context and credibility- and stir and moderate the critical discourse these events should be provoking. We found that partner in The Rapidian.


Our place, your voices: Finding my life's work at The Rapidian

Submitted 05-20-2015 under OPINION

Working at The Rapidian helped me identify that journalism was my chosen career path. Since making a simple decision to report and write a couple of pieces purely on a volunteer basis, I’ve gotten to cover music, live events, politics and now, West Michigan business.


Our place, your voices: The Rapidian's citizen journalism provides rare guide to Grand Rapids

Submitted 05-19-2015 under OPINION

As a content intern, The Rapidian didn't just give me education and experience in the world of online journalism- it introduced me to the city I live in.


Auburn Hills: Anatomy of shielding

Submitted 05-19-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

This article is part of a series of pieces which chronicle the development of Auburn Hills, one of our city's first racially integrated spaces.


Our place, your voices: The Rapidian is a necessary tool for community change

Submitted 05-18-2015 under OPINION

The Rapidian gives community members the tools they need to tell the stories. It gives a voice where there is a void in conventional media. It breaks down the old narratives of the past that are no longer relevant, and in the case of more sensitive issues like race and gender struggles, damaging.


Our place, your voices: Citizen journalist Jenn Schaub interviews community organizer Jenn Schaub

Submitted 05-18-2015 under NONPROFITS

After overseeing the creation of over 80 Rapidian articles citizen journalist Jenn Schaub has a thing or two to say about the Rapidian.


Our place, your voices: Beers, words and oxford commas

Submitted 05-17-2015 under OPINION

My experience as an intern at The Rapidian built my confidence, my career and my connection to the beer community here in Beer City, USA. What could be better?