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Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Grand Rapids Symphony Open Summer Concert Series

Submitted 07-20-2021 under OPINION

When Preservation Hall Jazz Band took the stage at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, it had been 667 days since that venue's last Summer Concert Series performance: a lifetime, in other words. A good-sized audience settled into chairs...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What is special about a Place of Worship?, part 1

Submitted 07-19-2021 under OPINION

Dahyabhai is curious about the places where a community worships. “What is the importance of a special house of worship? Is a house of worship mandatory? What are rules and requirements for someone to be allowed to enter a place of worship in...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Farewell, Grand Rapids Press!

Submitted 07-12-2021 under OPINION

The first week of August will be the 10th anniversary of this column. Sadly, this week is the final appearance of Ethics and Religion Talk in the Grand Rapids Press. Due to retirements and resignations, they no longer have the staff to continue...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: May Same Sex Couples Adopt Children?

Submitted 07-06-2021 under OPINION

Father Kevin Niehoff, O.P., a Dominican priest who serves as Judicial Vicar, Diocese of Grand Rapids, responds: “Let me make myself clear. The Church teachings, Pope Francis, and the Bishops of the United States agree regarding people who have...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What Does Religion Say About Respecting the American Flag?

Submitted 06-23-2021 under OPINION

The Ethics and Religion panel wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. This week, we respond to a question raised by a general discussion on Facebook. You can submit your own questions of ethics and religion by emailing...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: More Senior Intimacy Questions

Submitted 06-21-2021 under OPINION

Lately, I’ve been getting questions at least monthly, almost weekly, about unmarried seniors having sex. I don’t know if there are a whole lot of active seniors out there or if we’re being pranked by a someone or someones with a...

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Refugees are a blessing, not a burden

Submitted 06-18-2021 under OPINION

If you don’t want to live a boring life – if you want to live a full, rich life – you should get involved with refugees. That’s what I have found through my work in Grand Rapids. After my retirement, I began teaching English...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Does Purchasing Insurance Show a Lack of Faith?

Submitted 06-14-2021 under OPINION

Ray asks, “Should Christians purchase insurance on life, home, or health, or commit himself, his loved ones, and his worldly goods, entirely to the providence of God?  (For a long time certain groups of pietists such as the Amish and the...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Whose Truth is Truth?

Submitted 06-07-2021 under OPINION

Read Part 1 The Rev. Sandra Nikkel, head pastor of Conklin Reformed Church, writes: “There are many people today who would advocate for making room for: my truth, your truth, and everyone else's truth. Many of these people would also...

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Dear GRPS - It's Time For A Big Change

Submitted 06-03-2021 under OPINION

About four years ago I was spending my time in community conversations, encouraging fellow parents to consider Campus Elementary, our neighborhood school in the Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) district. In fact, every friend that was a parent...

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