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Circle Theatre Enters The Age of Aquarius With Hair

Submitted 09-13-2021 under OPINION

Two years before Woodstock, Hair debuted. The musical, a melange of starry-eyed anthems, provocations, and hippie fashion, soon went to Broadway. The New York Times' reviewer heralded it as "new, fresh, and unassuming." A...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Religion can do Horrible Things

Submitted 09-13-2021 under OPINION

The Rev. Steven W. Manskar, a retired United Methodist pastor, responds: “The Methodist Episcopal Church was established in this country in December 1784. Methodist congregations were in all thirteen colonies. The organizing conference stated...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the Role of Clergy?

Submitted 09-07-2021 under OPINION

Rev. Ray Lanning, a retired minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, responds: “The first duty of a Presbyterian minister is the faithful preaching of God’s Word, and to instruct all church members, young and old,...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: According to Your Tradition, What is the Worst Sin?

Submitted 08-30-2021 under OPINION

Linda Knieriemen, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Holland, responds: Idolatry, that is, giving allegiance to or worshiping anyone or anything other than God.  Hypocrisy is a close second, that is talking the talk without walking...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Cancel Culture

Submitted 08-23-2021 under OPINION

This Week’s Question: ‘The anger and demands that accompany today's Cancel Culture often leave people feeling like the only way to survive is to go along with everyone else who says that the Emperor's clothes are beautiful and...

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Noises Off Comes To Grand Rapids Circle Theatre

Submitted 08-17-2021 under OPINION

When it comes to theater, sometimes you want King Lear grieving over poor Cordelia, and sometimes you want a guy accidentally gluing a plate to his hand. Noises Off, currently playing at Grand Rapids Circle Theatre, decisively belongs to the latter...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Religion a Force Against Racism?

Submitted 08-16-2021 under OPINION

This week, we address a second way to read a question submitted by Victoria and addressed last week, regarding religion and racism. Despite religion’s flaws which contributed to racism, as last week’s responses addressed, religion has...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Has Religion Supported Racism?

Submitted 08-09-2021 under OPINION

Victoria posed a most interesting question due to its ambiguity: “How do you think organized religion has advanced racism in today's society?” It was not clear to me whether she was asking how religion has been a...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do about Negative Nancys and Downer Daves?

Submitted 08-02-2021 under OPINION

“SN” asks, “I have a friend who often comes to our happy hour group but the minute this person comes the whole mood changes. He is very negative and everything he talks about is about the people who are trying to take advantage of...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What is special about a Place of Worship?, part 2

Submitted 07-26-2021 under OPINION

Dahyabhai is curious about the places where a community worships. “What is the importance of a special house of worship? Is a house of worship mandatory? What are rules and requirements for someone to be allowed to enter a place of worship in...

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