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Gilda's Club

Gilda's Club Camp Sparkle hits 10 year anniversary

by Kendra Vanderlip (kendravanderlip)

Submitted 08-07-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Gilda’s Club, a local nonprofit organization that aids in cancer support and grief counseling, runs a summer camp called Camp Sparkle. Camp Sparkle is aimed at children entering into kindergarten and up to the fifth grade. On Tuesdays this...

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Cub reporters enjoy LaughFest

by Andy Angelo Press Club (Andy Angelo Pre...)

Submitted 04-03-2013 under NONPROFITS

The Press Club now has two levels for our young journalists. Students start out as cub reporters, and work toward full reporter status in the Andy Angelo Press Club. Cub reporters who have published 10 stories on The Rapidian are then graduated to...

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Catalyst Radio: Gilda's Club's 2nd annual LaughFest kicks off March 8

by Catalyst Radio (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 03-02-2012 under NONPROFITS

Don't have time to listen now?  Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW LaughFest was a bold fundraising move for Gilda's Club Grand Rapids last year to create an alternative funding stream for the nonprofit that...

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Serious Funny Business

by Suzanna LaCroix (Suzanna LaCroix)

Submitted 03-25-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Bill Cosby landed in private jet at the Grand Rapids airport. A LaughFest host and a driver greeted him, then tried to respect his privacy in case he was not interested in chatting. However, he ...

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LaughFest's Bra Auction: A Creative, Supportive Event for Gilda's Club

by Lisa Rose (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 03-09-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Whether you are a woman who prefers your bra to be adorned with sparkles or prefer it just plain taupe or prefer no bra at all -- it won’t matter on Monday, March 14 when both women and men pack the Crush cocktail lounge at The B.O.B. for the...

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Catalyst Radio: Gilda's Club

by Catalyst Radio (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 03-04-2011 under NONPROFITS

Joanne Roehm joins us from Gilda's Club of Grand Rapids, which helps those affected by cancer through their grief journeys. She previews LaughFest, a week-long fundraising bash involving 30 venues, 50 artists, 110 free activities and additional...

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River Bank Runner: Al Kaczanowski

by Roberta King (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 05-03-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

On May 8 at the Fifth Third River Bank Run there will be more than a few people who have run the race more than one time. According to race organizers, there will be 18 runners who have completed 32 consecutive races and all 18 are planning to run...

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Running the River Bank: Melissa Janes

by Roberta King (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 04-30-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

People run the May 8, 5/3 River Bank Run for many reasons. Some run it to challenge themselves, others for for the companionship of other people, some people run it to win and others run it for a good cause. The race serves as a fund raiser for a...

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