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Season's greetings and what Picturesque shows us about Rapidians so far

What Picturesque reveals about this project and its participants
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Our budding digital artist and web developer, Ron Woldyk, wishes you a happy holiday season.

Our budding digital artist and web developer, Ron Woldyk, wishes you a happy holiday season. /Ron Woldyk

It's been half a week since Picturesque went up, and we've gotten over 30 submissions in the meantime.

A few things that are coming across in the photos:

  • Even in the winter, Grand Rapidians feel a strong connection to the lake. When I tell folks I like going to the lake in the winter, I'm usually greeted with surprise. But apparently, we're all crazies who enjoy a good romp in sand and snow. (Below: Tom Bamborough, Nate Umstead, Roberta King)
  • Winter is what makes the rest of the seasons worthwhile. Someone once told me that in perpetual warm weather, there's no sense of time or aging. Rapidians don't take seasons for granted, and while there are clearly little pockets of winter to appreciate, it also means there's always something to look forward to. (Below: Sara Schneider, Tom Bamborough)

We're entering the thick of the holiday season, so I'll keep this short. The Rapidian wishes you a warm holiday/festivus season, safe journey for ye merry travelers and a happy rest-of-2010 in the twilight of the first decade of the 21st century. And while you're out enjoying the season's cheer, don't forget to share what you most enjoy about the wintery cheer on Picturesque.

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I enjoyed reading your observations about the submissions, Denise, and am glad that you could use a couple of my images for your article. You're right -- many of us have a strong connection to the lake. I've lived in the GR area since the 1980s, but was born and raised in Holland. It's always worth the drive to spend some time at the lakeshore.

Thanks, Tom! I went to the lake today and saw several folks in what was otherwise a desolate parking lot. Their cars were running, they were dragging on the cigs, just breathing in the scene and nicotene. It was really quite beautiful.