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Thank your placemakers

Submitted 07-26-2013 under OPINION

This place matters, and The Rapidian has a way for you to thank those who are making our neighborhoods and community great.


Local businesses work to become bicycle friendly

Submitted 07-23-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

We've been working with local businesses to help them provide a bicycle-friendly workplace. Those encouraging bicycle commuting see a triple bottom line benefit to their people, planet and even profits.


Emerging nonprofit professionals tackle healthcare inequality

Submitted 07-16-2013 under NEWS

YNPN, an organization designed to support young professionals in the nonprofit field, is holding a Conversation Starter about health equity with Shannon Wilson this Thursday.


Tell the Awesome Foundation about your ideas

Submitted 07-09-2013 under NEWS

Dedicated to spreading awesome since Nov. 2011


Runners glow in the dark for charity

Submitted 07-03-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Trivium Racing is hosting the Glow in the Park run in Millennium Park this Saturday to benefit the Family Hope Foundation.


Creating a fresh community at the Downtown Market

Submitted 07-02-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

The Downtown Market is bringing vibrancy to a dormant part of the downtown and creating a community through business, events and classes for all ages.


Kids to learn bike safety, receive free helmet at annual event

Submitted 06-28-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Young professionals from BL²END will be running the Bike Helmet Block Party to encourage bicycle safety this Saturday at the Salvation Army.


Pick up a shovel at Treehouse Community Garden

Submitted 06-25-2013 under NEWS

Roll up your sleeves and help Treehouse Community Garden tackle a larger garden project this Saturday in the Baxter Neighborhood.


Ladies Night to offer biking, self defense pointers

Submitted 06-25-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The Spoke Folks is hosting their first Ladies Night, complete with bike repair, a hands on learning experience in self defense, crafts and a group ride at the end of the event.


Community Orchard idea taking root in MLK Park

Submitted 06-25-2013 under NEWS

Neighborhood organizers will bring 30 fruit trees to MLK Park and are asking for community support.