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GRPS University Prep Academy Students Show Off Business Connections: June 7




A Job Fair for 8th and 9th grade students?
Absolutely! This Job Fair is an opportunity for students from GRPS University Prep Academy to showcase what they learned in their one-day job shadow or six-week internships with local businesses. As a part of their grade for the semester, each student has compiled a story board about their experience and will be on-hand to talk about what they learned while exploring this career. Many of the local businesses who hosted students plan to attend in order to see how their organization or career path was interpreted.
In addition to the students, Principal Daniel Williams will be available for comment and interview about this innovative program that connects middle and high school students with local businesses to foster a connection to our community as well as a desire to finish high school and pursue higher education. Grand Rapids University Prep Academy, a GRPS Center for Innovation, holds itself to an aspirational goal where at least 90% of the students will graduate from high school and at least 90% of those graduates will go on to post-secondary educational opportunities.
The event is Tuesday, June 7 from 3:30-5:00pm at University Prep Academy. The school is located at 111 College Avenue, Grand Rapids. Additional parking is available off of Lyon on the north side of the street.

Let me know if you can cover this innaugral event!

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