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Guiding Light Recovery Helps Doug Chart a Better Path

Submitted 08-17-2022 under NONPROFITS

Doug was in jail where he met a man who recommended Guiding Light. They discussed a number of the treatment programs in Grand Rapids, but his cellmate said, “If you get the chance, try Guiding Light, it's a better overall program."


Guiding Light Sober-Living Apartments Welcomes Record Number

Submitted 07-21-2022 under NONPROFITS

Iron House offers a safe and secure environment in a residential area outside the inner city that offers continued peer support. Located in the city of Kentwood, several of the Iron House facilities are undergoing extensive renovations to accommodate the additional Recovery clients.


Día de los Muertos: New Exhibition Coming to the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Submitted 07-19-2022 under LOCAL LIFE

Starting on September 3, the Grand Rapids Public Museum will be home to "A Celebration of Souls: Day of the Dead in Southern Mexico," an exhibition that shows how Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico's Oaxaca region


I have some hope: Guiding Light helps Victor cope with decades of trauma, depression, alcohol

Submitted 07-08-2022 under NONPROFITS

“I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is about Guiding Light that has made a change in me,” Victor considers. “It’s not one thing – it’s everything combined. It’s this perfect constellation of stars that lined up: the therapy, the classes, the exercise has been huge for depression, it's saving me."


"We Will Not Go Back": Grand Rapidians Protest Against SCOTUS's Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Submitted 06-29-2022 under NEWS

Over the weekend, hundreds gathered in Grand Rapids to protest against the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade


Casting Light: The Guiding Light Podcast Begins Season 2

Submitted 06-20-2022 under NONPROFITS

What happens when you get a recovering heroin addict, alcoholic, and under-employed social worker together and tell them to record a podcast? You get season two of Casting Light, a podcast from Guiding Light.


New Exhibitions On View at UICA: Impulsive/Decisive and Coming Home

Submitted 06-17-2022 under NONPROFITS

Two new exhibitions on view with FREE admission through August 13, 2022


Guiding Light Adds Paul Davies to Board of Directors

Submitted 06-14-2022 under NONPROFITS

We are delighted to welcome Paul to our board of directors,” said Brian Elve, executive director of Guiding Light. “His experience with the recovery community and his status as a veteran, along with his business management skills, will be a great asset in guiding our organization’s current efforts."


Ebony Road Players Perform SHEEPDOG by Kevin Artigue at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

Submitted 06-08-2022 under NONPROFITS

Grand Rapids’ only Black theatre company is collaborating with the Grand Rapids Art Museum to offer a thought-provoking production, examining the complexity of being police officers in an interracial relationship.


I'm in the Right Place: Scott's Chance at a Sober Father's Day

Submitted 06-02-2022 under NONPROFITS

Scott woke up one morning on a couch, sick with one of his worst hangovers ever and realized he’d had enough. He’d ridden past Guiding Light every day on the bus and never gave the nonprofit a second thought – until it popped into his head to make the call.