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Catalyst Radio: Amnesty International -- Grand Rapids

Submitted 12-16-2011 under NEWS

Amnesty International again has a presence in Grand Rapids. Local organizer James Quatrine talks about some of the recent activity including efforts during Human Rights Week.


Half a year later, struggle for equal protections continues

Submitted 12-15-2011 under NONPROFITS

Today marks the half-year mark since a 5-4 vote in Holland against an anti-discrimination to protect a vulnerable.


Pleasant Park receives $300,000 development award

Submitted 12-08-2011 under NEWS

The project receives the first in a series of critical grants to transform an abandoned parking lot into a neighborhood park.


Mayor to answer questions live on GRTV; Rapidian to live tweet

Submitted 12-05-2011 under NONPROFITS

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? The first Monday of every month is your opportunity to interact with Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official.


Shop new West Michigan

Submitted 12-01-2011 under NONPROFITS

An invitation to West Michigan business owners, plans to promote holiday shopping in Holland, and an open house for holiday shopping.


"What would Jesus cut?"

Submitted 10-17-2011 under NEWS

Christian activist Jim Wallis, founder of the social justice organization Sojourners, to speak at Fountain Street Church Wednesday


It's all about the kids

Submitted 10-13-2011 under OPINION

Personal account of working with GRPS youth.


Occupy Grand Rapids General Assembly reads the NYC statement (video)

Submitted 10-08-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Video of 10-08-2011 Occupy Grand Rapids general assembly reading of the NYC statement.


Occupy Grand Rapids in context

Submitted 10-08-2011 under OPINION

Born from frustration with corporate greed and control over politics and the excessively increasing disparity between the wealth of 99% of the populace and the 1% elite, this is for protests in Grand Rapids in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. protests and banking protests across the world.


RUST: A sympathetic portrait of post-industrial Michigan

Submitted 10-02-2011 under OPINION

Actors' Theatre presents the premiere of local playwright Austin Bunn's RUST, a play chronicling the impact of General Motor's closing of the Wyoming, Michigan stamping plant in 2008.