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This dispatch was added by one of our Nonprofit Neighbors. It does not represent the editorial voice of The Rapidian or Community Media Center.

An invitation to West Michigan business owners, plans to promote holiday shopping in Holland, and an open house for holiday shopping.
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Holiday Shopping!

On Dec. 6, "LGBT" also stands for Local Gift Buying Time!

Looking for a unique gift? Until Love Is Equal apparel and merchandise might be that gift that you're looking for. T-shirts, Long-sleeve T-shirts, Hoodies, buttons and ornaments.

We'll even gift wrap it for free.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

West Michigan Pride Center
211 Logan St. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Tel. 616-309-8500

Shop during your lunch hour:
11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

Shop after you finish work:
4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Snacks and beverages provided!

Click here to visit the FB Event page!


Click here for map to West Michigan Pride!


*Are you an artist or artisan looking for additional opportunities to sell your goods and services? Contact us if you'd like space at the Holiday Shopping Open House! Email [email protected] and we'll take the first several supporters who are on/have joined the list of businesses that endorse an anti-discrimination be passed by Holland City Council ASAP!


Another Holiday shopping opportunity!

Carrie Smith kindly offered to donate half the profits from her upcoming Mary Kay party to Until Love Is Equal! Much like a spontaneous window display that has popped up with our apparel featured at One Girl's Treasure (Downtown Grand Rapids) this generous offer by Carrie is another example of business owners generously helping spread the word and fund the efforts of this movement. Cheers!

Event info (from Facebook Event Page)

Carrie Smith's House, 235 Warren Ave, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Join us for a fun holiday shopping party where you can get all your holiday shopping done at great prices, have your gifts wrapped for free, and help advance equal rights!
Get unique and beautiful gifts for your friends and family, including:
-Premier fragrances
-Luxurious skincare sets
-The innovative Mary Kay Roll-Up Travel Bag
-Glamour Brush Set with carrying case
-Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Legs and Feet with Moisture-locking socks
-A complete line of color cosmetics
Half of all the profits from the event will go to Until Love is Equal.

/Plenty Creative

Good-news holiday update in three parts:

  1. Holiday open house for gift buying!
  2. An invitation to West Michigan businesses.
  3. Announcement of "Shop Holland" promotions.

1. Open House!

Put some equality under the tree this year! See sidebar (right, above map) to learn about the Holiday Shopping Open House December 6, hosted by Until Love Is Equal and West Michigan Pride. Click here for a map to 211 Logan Street SW in Grand Rapids. Drop in anytime during posted hours (to the right) and enjoy refreshments while we do the wrapping for you!

2. An invitation to West Michigan businesses

Until Love Is Equal invites all West Michigan business, especially those in Holland, to join the "In Support of Equality" list on the website. Until Love Is Equal consists of 3,000+ good people who hope City Council will revote to protect vulnerable minorities from discrimination.

Simply contact us at [email protected] to add your business! We actively promote those who do - and we've got a special promotion coming up soon, so please join us!

"West Michigan shoppers contact us freqently to ask which shops endorse a Holland City Council revote (on the anti-discrimination ordinance they voted down June 15)," said group member Erin Wilson. "Whether they're Holland residents or West Michigan residents going to Holland to spend a day, they want to know where they can spend their money in support of pro-equality shops."

Wilson said some people drive to Holland specifically to support the businesses that welcome all customers, from all communities. "That's the whole reason some people go: to say 'thank you' to businesses that stand up for all minorities in Holland."

In that spirit, Until Love Is Equal regularly posts reminders that the group welcomes and promotes all businesses added to the list.

Until Love Is Equal invites you to include your business among those that stand for equality. See the list here, contact us using this form to join it - or simply email [email protected] as the owner or manager, and let us know your business stands In Support of Equality!

Update: Are you an artist or artisan wishing to have space to sell your wares at our Holiday Shopping Open House event Dec. 6? Please join the list if you haven't - and contact us via email! We should get some good traffic at the cozy comfy West Michigan Pride Center on Tuesday, and we have a limited amount of additional space for endorsing artists and artisans. First come, first served!

(More info about the Holiday Shopping Open House Dec. 6 in the sidebar, to the right, above the map.)

3. Plans for "Shop Holland" promotions.

The group has announced plans to budget unused billboard money to promote Christmas shopping at independent businesses in Holland, MI.

Over the coming ten days, Until Love Is Equal will promote holiday shopping in Holland through all available outlets, to support business owners who support equality!

These engaged and civic-minded businesses on the Until Love Is Equal list ("In Support Of Equality") represent a new West Michigan: a region moving forward to pull itself out of economic recession. A region that is welcoming and remains hopeful that Holland City Council will affirm the openness in our hearts and vote to send a signal of welcome to all minorities and all people. The future needs all of us, as West Michigan columnist Tommy Allen frequently says. We encourage all of you to shop the new West Michigan, to support Holland business owners this Christmas shopping season and beyond - dine at the delicious restaurants, drink coffee, walk the gorgeous downtown area... Holland is one of the most beautiful facets of West Michigan and they have so much to offer!

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