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Fresh and new: New Picturesque gallery open to public participation

Today we launch the first Picturesque gallery of 2012: Fresh and new. All are invited to add their own images to the collection.
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The Picturesque challenge series

The Rapidian creates a photo challenge every quarter. To join in the challenge, you only need to create a user account (if you haven't already) and submit it to the gallery by clicking "Submit your own!"

Please note that photos will not appear immediately, but our staff will be working hard to approve your submissions as quickly as possible.

From January 12 to February 12, we will be featuring a special photo gallery, "Fresh and new," as the new Picturesque theme.

Last year, we challenged our community to submit photos to a Picturesque gallery that asked people what they loved about Michigan winters. The results were sometimes beautiful, sometimes humorous or tongue-in-cheek and often gave us encouragement to find the good instead of grumble.

I couldn't help but wonder at how submissions would have been different if we had asked this question this year. It's been such a different winter than most. This year, I would have answered the question with a delighted, "What do I love about Michigan winters? Forty-something-and-sunny days, that's what!"

This year, we're focusing on fresh starts and new beginnings. That's what January is all about, right? We start a new year and we ask ourselves what could be different, what we could start or change, or even what we could let go of. We clean out closets, we find new projects and interests, we give up old habits, maybe we even join a gym (for a week or two).

So we start this year asking you what you see around you, or what you are creating, that is fresh and new. Need some inspiration to get your wheels turning? How about:


  • new paper and pens, creating and crafting supplies
  • newly-organized cupboards, fridge and closets
  • bookshelves in order of color or size
  • a neatly-made bed with morning sunlight breaking in
  • newborn babies
  • baskets of clementines, oranges, lemons and grapefruit...fresh healthy food
  • planner pages, to-do lists or project plans

This is just a start of ideas, and I for one am excited to see what other ideas people have. So let's get started.

What do you picture when we say "Fresh and new?"

Add your own photo to the gallery here.

This Picturesque gallery is possible thanks to the generous support of Color Inc Pro Lab.

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